Lumen Cloud IDS / IDP Platform FAQ

Updated by Chris Little on May 10, 2016
Article Code: kb/1364

Q: What technology is used for the Lumen Cloud IDS/IDP services?

A: Lumen Cloud has both IDS and IPS in place using features in our chosen edge firewall product (Juniper SRX) – this software component fulfills both the IDS (detection & logging) and IPS (prevention) roles. These services inherently are part of the overall platform security posture.

Q: What type of traffic do the platform IDS/IDP services filter/log?

A: The Lumen Cloud platform uses ”screens” to look for specific and common attack traffic. The complete list of supported “screens” can be found on Juniper's Website

Q: Can I receive reports and alerts for my specific environment from the IDS/IDP platform?

A: Client specific reports and alerts are not available today.

Q: If a specific attack or event is detected in my environment what remediation and notification steps are taken by Lumen Cloud Support?

A: The remediation activities for attacks or events vary greatly depending on the source, target, number of customers affected and type of exploit. Lumen Cloud resources will work closely with our customer base to take appropriate steps to resolve these events in a timely manner. This includes, but is not limited to, isolating a specific Virtual Machine to blocking IP addresses of attack sources. Customers are encouraged to review our KB that covers what behavior customers can expect from Lumen Cloud Operations in the case of a security incident.

Q: Does Lumen Cloud offer deep content inspection from its built in IDS/IDP platform?

A: No, Clients looking for in depth deep content inspection should contact a Lumen sales resource to review add-on security products.

Q: How frequently are the IDS/IDP “screens” updated?

A: Bi-Annual.

Q: What DDoS mitigation services are included in the Lumen Cloud platform?

A: DDOS mitigation services are not included in the standard platform services. Customers who require DDOS protection should contact a Lumen sales resource to review add-on security products.

Q: Are there other Lumen services available to provide a more robust security posture on the platform?

A: Yes, Lumen offers a wide range of DDOS Mitigation, IPS and other network security services available. Customers should contact a Lumen sales resource to review add-on security products.