Object Storage Regions and Service Points

Updated by Daniel Stephan on Jul 10, 2017
Article Code: kb/196


The CenturyLink Cloud Object Storage service is available in multiple regions. A region consists of two data centers, a primary and a secondary. You can only read and write to the primary. You cannot directly interact with the secondary. Under certain circumstances, the service promotes the secondary to primary. Once you create a bucket in a specific region, you need to use the appropriate service point to interact with that bucket.

Here is a list of the different regions, the individual data centers that comprise the region, and the region service points. Please note, too, that our service endpoints leverage wildcard (SSL) certificates for the respective region, as shown in the table below.

Service Points

Region Primary Data Center Secondary Data Center Service Point SSL Certificate
Canada CA1 CA3 canada.os.ctl.io *.canada.os.ctl.io
US-West WA1 UC1 uswest.os.ctl.io *.uswest.os.ctl.io
US-East VA1 NY1 useast.os.ctl.io *.useast.os.ctl.io
Germany DE1 DE3 germany.os.ctl.io *.germany.os.ctl.io