Partners Requesting a Customer Trial

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CenturyLink Cloud delivers some of the highest performing infrastructure in the industry (Source: Cloud Harmony Report). Our infrastructure delivers databases with higher IOPS, Websites with faster response times, storage with greater availability, as well as various other advantageous benefits for your customer.

Offering customers a free trial often leads to wins:
Partners can offer prsopective customers a Free Trial of $500 in services backed by CenturyLink Cloud's Architecture & Support Teams. Experience the CenturyLink Cloud platform via the free trial today and receive:

  • A credit of $500 in usage, no time limit applied.
  • Access to CenturyLink Cloud products and services.
  • High performance, fast deployment times, and intuitive management capabilities that will push your business forward.

As a partner, you have the ability to offer your customers a free trial.

To request a trial, use the following process:

  1. Create a customer account in the Control Portal. Be sure to place this in the same place the Sub-account will go when it's billable.
  2. Request a trial by emailing us.
  3. In the email subject line, write: "Trial Request - {Partner Name} - {Customer Alias}"

The body of the email should include:

  • Partner Name
  • Partner Contact
  • Partner Contact Email
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Alias (Portal Alias)
  • Trial Start Date and amount of credit requested ($500 or less)

You will receive a confirmation email from CenturyLink Cloud Trial Team verifying the trial.

Action Items (for Partners) Recap:

Pre-Trial Phase:

  • Customer sets up a customer account in the Control Portal.
  • Partner requests trial by emailing us with the information mentioned above.

Trial Phase:

  • Partner works closely with the customer to insure they are using the trial, answer questions as they arise, insure it’s a good customer experience, and monitor the customer’s usage so there are no surprise billings if the credit is depleted.
  • Partner contacts the CenturyLink Trial Team to confirm the customers decision.

(If we do not hear back from you, the partner, when the credit is depleted, CenturyLink will automatically begin billing on a monthly basis for that customer's usage).