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Cloud Platform – Release Notes: August 1, 2012

Updated by Richard Seroter on Aug 12, 2012
Article Code: kb/1025

New Features (6)

  • Blueprints: Allow Users to specify unique values for each instance of a task in a blueprint. Previously, if the same software/script/task was added to a blueprint multiple times, there was no way to specify unique parameters for each instance. Now, users can provide specific parameters for every instance of a package. See this Lumen Cloud Knowledge Base article for a detailed walkthrough.
  • Blueprints: Run package on group. Adds a new way to select, configure and run software/script packages against all or any of the servers in a Group. See this Lumen Cloud Knowledge Base article for a further description of this feature.
  • Activity Log: Implement Show More. From the Control Portal dashboard, when the user views “Account Activity History” we now load a subset of data and allow the user to see further back in time.
  • Billing: Display Detailed information for a Group. Lumen Cloud bills are broken down by Group to help users view a more detailed cost breakdown. Now, the bills also show which servers are part of the Group that incurred charges.
  • Make it so that standard servers can go to 16GB ram in the Control Portal. Standard servers could only previously allocate 8 GB of RAM but now accept up to 16 GB of RAM.
  • Blueprints: add ability to clone a blueprint. Users can now take their blueprints and use them as a foundation for new blueprints. Note that users can only clone blueprints that were created by a user in the same account.

Minor Defects Fixed (50)

  • Reorder tabs on Server & Groups Schedules. On “Schedules” tab for either servers or groups, “Scheduled Tasks” is now the first item shown instead of “Maintenance Window.”
  • Server: Price Calculator doesn't work for drive added by group default settings. If a user adds a storage drive to a Group’s default server settings and then creates a server in that Group, changing the amount of storage (via the slider) did not affect the price estimate. Now, changes to the storage amount are instantly reflected in the calculator.
  • Blueprints: Power Ops not functional. There was inconsistent behavior when using power operations (“turn on”, “turn off”) against all of the servers in a Group.
  • Web Fabric: WFs that are "Building" shouldn't be clickable. Prevent users from trying to add applications to Web Fabric environments that are still being built.
  • Server Rename Feature: several server parameters not updated when Server name is. When renaming a blueprint for Windows Server, subsequent tasks/packages were not updated with the new server name.
  • Permissions: Server Admins do not have access to Async queue details. Previously, users in the “server administrator” role couldn’t view server queue content.
  • Blueprints: Details Page doesn't auto-refresh until 'Refresh Details' button is pressed. Blueprints now reliably auto-refresh to show build process.
  • Server: Server Error when sliding memory size slider when adding a Disk. Errors were occasionally thrown when users change memory allocation, and that has been corrected.
  • Blueprints: Blueprints Queue/Async Queue - progress is not updated for blueprint execution. Ensure that blueprint execution status is accurate across all views.
  • Deleting a hardware group fails with "Value cannot be null" error. Problems encountered when deleting Groups have been fixed.
  • Packages: Unable to view a shared package when logged in as an Account Admin viewing a sub account. Fixed visibility problem when creating packages in sub accounts.
  • Add disk to Ubuntu Server fails with 'Actively Refused' connection error. Corrected problem encountered when adding disks to Ubuntu servers.
  • Monitors - Devices in remote DCs are setup incorrectly. There was an issue with creating monitors in some data centers.
  • Blueprints: Published packages need to apply correct account filtering. Did extra work to verify that private software/scripts are only available to the account holder.
  • Server: clone server - check for resource limits should use the same functionality that Create Server uses. Cloned servers now respect the group’s capacity thresholds in the same way that the “create server” process does.
  • Blueprints: Packages - Required flag is being ignored. User was previously forced to enter data in non-required fields.
  • Always Show Run As in Blueprints. For any blueprint that contains a software/script package, the system now shows a “run as” parameter that lets the user choose which account permissions drive the installation.
  • Server Permissions: Manual permissions setting doesn't stick for account admins. Fixes problem with persisting permission changes made by account administrators.
  • Blueprints: Ability to delete a blueprint / script package / software package. Users within the same account can now delete existing blueprints or uploaded software/scripts.
  • Server: Restore - Unable to restore an archived server in WA1 due to incorrect query finding datastore. Corrected archive restoration problem in WA1 data center.
  • Data Center: can't create server from Template created in Alt DC. There was a problem with creating servers from templates associated with an alternative data center.
  • API Rework. Changes were made to API methods: CreateGroup, CreateGroups, CreateServer, DeleteGroup, Group Power, Server Power.
  • Archive Settings tab in Alt DC results in 500 error. Fixed group archives so  that they do not show settings that don’t apply.
  • Servers: Clone - users should not be able to clone a server with snapshots. Added rules to disallow cloning on servers with snapshots.
  • Blueprints: Add Blueprint during BP design includes misspelled\misaligned info columns. Cleaned up user interface within the Blueprint Designer.
  • Ubuntu 12 LTS template. Updated the Ubuntu templates.
  • Archive: 500 error loading group. Fixed error that occurred when administrators tried to load archive groups.
  • Add Disk size increments to non-even numbers if changed from the default 50 GB setting. Previously, changing disk size from the default value resulted in values that ended in “1” (“31”, “51”, “91”). Now disk size increments/decrements to values ending with a “0.”
  • WebFabric/ServiceChannel Error. Fixed intermittent problem discovered when provisioning Web Fabric environments.
  • Cloud Foundry tasks for Web Fabric. Update Web Fabric and other forks to latest upstream Cloud Foundry code.
  • Server: Create Server - Template list should filter out Deleted Templates from the list. Ensure that deleted templates no longer show up as valid options during the server creation process.
  • Private Shared Server Templates. Fixed private shared server templates so that they were visible for sub-accounts.
  • Blueprints: BlueprintXML TaskID and GroupIDs are not unique when same task is added multiple times in a blueprint. When associating software packages to specific servers during design of a blueprint, users had to once again associate software to servers during deployment of that blueprint. Now, associations made during blueprint design are persisted when starting the deployment process.
  • Server: Create Server - No Servers populate dropdown when adding a task with a server parameter. Fixed issue that occurred when adding tasks with server parameters.
  • Blueprints: Unable to view Blueprint Details. Corrected error that occurred when trying to view blueprint details from the Control Portal.
  • SendEmail boolean on CreateServer does nothing. Now we send blueprint summary emails when blueprint completes.
  • Add more info to server create change log. Show the name of the blueprint that the server was created from.
  • Queue: Error Queue page - failed requests are not appearing for Account Admins. User would expect to see failed requests when failure occurs, but only the Lumen Cloud Admin could see them. Corrected this issue.
  • Groups: 'Trash' Group shows as a Standard (not System) Group to non t3n admins. Some accounts were seeing the system Group that holds deleted servers and now that Group is only visible to Lumen Cloud administrators.
  • Server: Create - Alt DC - user should be able to select 'New Network' if no network exists in the target DC. Fixed network options for users who needed to add a network in the target data center.
  • Server: Create - Install SQL fails when added as part of Create Server operation. Corrected problem experienced when adding SQL Server software to new servers.
  • Blueprints: Error reporting. Added more error details for failed blueprints.
  • Blueprints: Scripts/Software - the Upload button is missing. Corrected problem with “upload” button not showing up on the software/scripts pages.
  • AccountService.svc CreateAccount errors during self-register activation since the last deployment. Account registration from the public Lumen Cloud site was causing backend error messages.
  • API: Create Server - An existing network is required to build a server, but newly created accounts have no networks. Previously, if a user created an account via the API and then tried to build a server, it would fail because no valid network existed yet. The system now allows empty network information where none exists.
  • Blueprints/Networking: Error creating first server when no network exists. Creating new server from the UI when no network existed yet resulted in an error.
  • Servers: Create - Tasks that have global parameters are not prompted. Blueprint execution failed when a task’s global parameters were missing, so this fix ensures that the user is prompted to enter required parameters on tasks.
  • Monitoring: Statistics Improvement. Now checks for recent ping results before trying to grab other performance statistics.
  • Blueprints: Packages - Parameters that reference an account's resources should fail validation if those resources are not available to be selected. Fixed error that occurred when user attempted to add a package when they didn’t have any servers created yet.
  • Blueprints: Error deploying or editing a Blueprint with multiple instances of the same blueprint included. Error occurred when adding multiple instances of the same blueprint to another blueprint.