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Knowledge Base  /  Release Notes  /  2013

Cloud Platform – Release Notes: March 26, 2013

Updated by Richard Seroter on Mar 27, 2013
Article Code: kb/1014

New Features (2)

  • Multiple views for server browsing. In addition to using the default "tile view", users can browse the servers in their data center through a "list view." This fast-loading list shows server status and resource usage.


  • Delete VM disks. Users can save money by deleting any disk associated with a given virtual machine. For older Linux templates, users should be sure to first gracefully dismount the drive.


Minor Enhancements (10)

  • TRUSTe certification and updates to privacy policy. Lumen Cloud has passed TRUSTe certification and you will find the logo on the home page, and multiple links to our updated privacy policy.


  • Resize root Linux disks (without requiring a reboot). Lumen Cloud is among the first cloud vendors provide root Linux drive resizing without forcing the machine to reboot.
  • Blueprint/server deployment success email contains link to new resource. The default "Blueprint success" email message now contains a link to the new server(s) created or changed.
  • Filter Account Activity History by active and/or disabled accounts. Now you can view the activity history for active and disabled accounts.


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 support. The platform now includes templates for the RHEL version 5 in addition to existing support for RHEL 6.
  • Improved Account Activity search.Search using wildcards ("*") to better locate entries of interest.


  • Personalization tokens in billing email templates. For resellers who rebrand the Lumen Cloud experience and have customized the Lumen Cloud email messages, they can now add tokens ("account name", "account alias") to the subject line.


  • Web Fabric PaaS supports .NET 4.5 applications. The newest Web Fabric template can how host .NET 4.5 applications. .NET 4.5 brings a host of improvements including new asynchronous programming features, ASP.NET support for WebSockets, and notable improvements to WCF, WF, and WIF.
  • Blueprint warnings when human intervention needed. When manual intervention may be required to complete an Blueprint (e.g. manually resize guest disk), the Blueprint completes successfully, but is shown with a warning. The "Blueprint Success" email message mentions the warning.


  • Server API now accepts, returns custom fields. The Server API has been updated so that custom fields can be set on new servers, and retrieved from existing servers.