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Cloud Platform – Release Notes: October 23, 2013

Updated by Richard Seroter on Oct 21, 2014
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New Features (3)

  • Cloud Webhooks (beta). This new feature -- the first of its kind in a public IaaS cloud -- lets customers subscribe to events that occur in the Lumen Cloud. When an event occurs, a message is immediately sent to an HTTP endpoint specified by the customer. Some details:
    • Webhooks exist for account, user, and server events.
    • Configured through the Lumen Cloud Control Portal.
    • JSON messages sent via POST to an internet-accessible HTTPS endpoint.
    • Parent accounts can choose to receive webhook events for any child accounts.
    • There is no guaranteed delivery or retries if the customer endpoint is offline.


    Please see KB article "Configuring Webhooks and Consuming Notifications" for additional details on what platform actions trigger each Webhook.

  • New REST-based API (beta). The second major version of the Lumen Cloud API is underway. This month, we released the Groups API in the new API model. Some details about the new (Groups) API:
    • Pure, REST-based JSON API that uses HTTP verbs and URIs in a standard way.
    • Relies on an authentication scheme that uses customer credentials (not a generic API user) to retrieve user information that includes the user's roles, and a security token that will authenticate and authorize subsequent API requests. Tokens are valid for two weeks.
    • API is geo-load balanced and available in each Lumen Cloud data center.
    • The API has complete parity with actions available in the Lumen Cloud Control Portal. Groups API supports: creating groups, retrieving groups, issuing power operations against groups, snapshotting groups, get and set resource limits for a group, and more. See the KB articles about the new Groups API for more details on how to securely interact with each resource.
  • Updated Site Navigation. A Control Portal redesign is underway, with the first phase being a refresh of the site navigation. The individual menu lists are gone and replaced by a single menu that contains all the site actions. The topmost navigation also includes a simplified set of actions. For more about the thinking behind this change, see the blog post Lumen Cloud Setting the Bar: Control Portal UI Evolution Under Way. Note that all users will have a "first run" experience that walks them through the new UI when they next log in.


Minor Enhancements/Fixes (3)

  • Added Remote-Identity to Site to Site VPN. When customers choose to enable NAT-T during the Phase 1 IKE step of creating a site-to-site VPN, then can now input a remote-identity value.
  • Load Balancer Supports IPs in Parent Network. Sub accounts can share the network of their parent accounts. The self-service load balancer now supports creating a pool with account servers that reside on the parent network.
  • Bandwidth Graph Updated. The bandwidth graph on the Lumen Cloud Dashboard has been updated with the correct units. Instead of showing bytes transferred for a given day, the graph shows the Mb/s consumed.

 For a demo of these features, please visit: