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Cloud Platform – Release Notes: June 10, 2014

Updated by Richard Seroter on Jun 12, 2014
Article Code: kb/983

New Features (2)

  • New "create server" experience in Control Portal. The "create server" page has been replaced with a new-and-improved version that performs better and consolidates core actions to a single page. Users can easily choose the data center, Group, OS template, server class, CPU, CPU Autoscale policy, memory, disks, storage type, and time-to-live for a new server. If you are looking to do things like add a public IP or install software, go to the Group overview page after building the server and execute from there.

  • Specify valid source IP range for public IP address. On the create/edit public IP section of the "server details" page, you can now add source IP ranges that are allowed to access the assigned Public IP. Enter multiple ranges using CIDR notation.


Minor Enhancements (7)

  • "Create account" page adds country/state relationship. This page now resembles the signup page where choosing a Country value causes the State drop-down to show valid values for that country.

  • Server/Group search results link to new user interface. The global search has been updated so that server or group results direct the user to the new user experience .
  • Updated bandwidth pricing, model. The new bandwidth model and pricing takes effect. This is a switch from 95th percentile bandwidth billing to a GB transferred model. The bandwidth graph on the Dashboard has been updated, and invoice information will show the charge for outbound GB transferred during the month.
  • Blueprint API updated to show servers a Blueprint is acting on. The GetDeploymentStatus operation in the v1 Blueprint API now returns all the servers that are part of the Blueprint, even if there isn't a "create server" task in the Blueprint itself..
  • Blueprint Request ID available in script context. Blueprint developers can now access an additional context parameter from their scripts. The T3.RequestId value is populated with the unique ID of the Blueprint being executed.
  • "Account manager" field added. The "Account Settings" page now contains a placeholder for each customer's account manager..
  • Labels on anti-affinity pages updated. To avoid confusion, the anti-affinity navigation menu item and page have been updated to reflect the fact that it only applies to Hyperscale servers.