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Cloud Platform - Release Notes: August 1, 2017

Updated by Christine Sala on Aug 01, 2017
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New Features (1)

Cloud Application Manager


With our ongoing commitment to continually enhance our value add services to our AWS Reseller Customers, we have added the following ‘Security’ modules to our Cloud Application Manager’s Cloud Optimization site to supplement the existing reporting portfolio of ‘Best Practices’ and ‘Savings’ modules.

  • Change Monitoring – Reports on changes to your AWS account including information on who made changes to the environment, the date the changes were made, and to what components.

  • IAM Admin Users – Report identifies the admin users in your AWS account and lists the IAM policy providing them that level of access. To access the new reports, navigate to the Cloud Optimization site after logging into Cloud Application Manager.

Learn more about Cloud Application Manager here.

Managed Services

For Lumen Managed Services customers, we have enhanced our graphing and metrics reporting capabilities along with our AWS CloudWatch Monitoring capabilities in our recently launched monitoring portal.

In addition to customers being able to graph CPU and Memory, Disk metrics for Network has been included for comprehensive visibility into their infrastructure across all supported Operating Systems. Moreover, customers are now able to overlay any individually collected metric attributes to facilitate a comprehensive assessment of the behavior of their applications.

We also have enhanced our capabilities to natively monitor and alert on AWS services such as RDS, EC2, and ELB via CloudWatch, eliminating the requirement for an agent on the target device. If you would like to take advantage of our AWS CloudWatch monitoring functionality and Managed Services capabilities, please reach out to us via the ‘support center’ option inside the Cloud Application Manager.

Learn more about Lumen Managed Services here.

Ecosystem-Partner Integrations (3)

The Lumen Marketplace added three new commercially available offerings with the following Partners:

  • OSNEXUS QuantaStor SDS EE with Gold Support - QuantaStor is a unified Software Defined Storage (SDS) platform designed to scale out to make storage management easy while reducing overall enterprise storage costs. This is a License Only purchase. The customer is responsible for deploying QuantaStor SDS separately on the infrastructure of their choosing.

  • Apex Datacom Call Me - Apex Call Me is a Click-to-Call solution that enables web marketers to convert more web visitors into customers. Apex Call Me works with any business phone system with a US or Canadian phone number.

  • Alert Logic Threat Manager with Log Review - Alert Logic Threat Manager with Log Review is a cloud-based managed network intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment solution delivered as-a-service.

Announcements (2)

Object Storage

Expanded availability for Lumen Cloud Object Storage in Germany

Lumen is now able to sell service to customers who have a geographic preference for Object Storage service delivered from the Frankfurt CLC (DE1) datacenter in Germany. The existing product features and pricing apply to this new location.

Lumen Cloud Object Storage delivers robust, geo-based services capable of storing any type of digital content. Perfect for data backups, media distribution, and file transfers, the Lumen Cloud Object Storage is Amazon S3-compatible and accessible from the Lumen Cloud Control Portal or via API calls.

For additional details, see our Product Page and Product Knowledge Base Page.

Bare Metal Servers

New Locations

Bare Metal Servers are now available in Reading, Great Britain (GB1) and Frankfurt, Germany (DE3). Choose from our selection of five different server configurations providing users with different options: more CPUs, more memory, SSDs, and more local storage with configurable RAID. Simple Backup Services and Runner are supported.
For additional details, see our Product Page and FAQ.