Expanse - Getting Started

Updated by Ryan Todd on May 23, 2016

Overview of the Expanse Runner job

We currently support with Runner two options for deploying Expanse on a VM to get you up and running quickly.

  1. Is an option to build a Ubuntu 14 server in the Data Center of your choice and deploy Expanse upon it in about 6 minutes.
  2. Is an option to deploy Expanse to an Ubuntu 14 server that has been put into the CLC inventory and is already stood up.


  • A CenturyLink Cloud Account
  • A network existing in the Datacenter you want to deploy to. Run the network builder Runner job.
  • One of the Supported Operating Systems listed below on the Virtual Machine Ubuntu 14 more being added in future

Installation Process

  1. Log into runner.ctl.io.
  2. Search for Expanse in the Public Products section then click on it Search Expanse
  3. Click on run button Click on Run
  4. Choose the Datacenter you want to deploy a server to, CPU, and RAM. Recommend 2 CPU and 4 GB RAM Config Server
  5. It is now building your server and after about 8 minutes you should see your servers name at http://stats.expanse.tech/


Sometimes the blockchain does not fully sync at first run and you will need to re-execute the following commands to restart it

  1. ssh into your server from a terminal(ex: ssh [email protected])
  2. Find the screen session that is running the command currently. screen -ls
  3. Attach to that session and kill it. screen -r then ctrl-c
  4. Now start the sync again by typing the following. screen -dm bash -c ". /opt/expanse/setup.sh"
  5. It should now fully sync up.