Getting Started with Runner

Updated by Anthony Hakim on Apr 27, 2016
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This article is to support customers of Runner, a product that enables teams, developers, and engineers to quickly provision, interact, and modify their environments anywhere - Lumen Cloud, third-party cloud providers, and on-premises.

Overview: What is Runner?

Runner is a new product from Lumen that enables fast and easy automation and orchestration on the Lumen Platform, as well as third-party cloud providers such as Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure and on-premises infrastructure and devices. Runner provides the ability to quickly provision and modify resources on any environment, and gives users a true hybrid-IT solution.

Runner - How it works 1

Runner - How it works 2

Runner Feature list

  • Programmable API
  • Rich UI
  • Highly Available, Resilient Infrastructure

Using Runner

There are two ways to interact with Runner:

1. Via the User Interface (UI) - In the Control Portal, click on Runner, under Orchestration in the drop-down menu, or you can go directly to Runner at

2. Via the Application Programming Interface (API) - This API is RESTful, using JSON messages over HTTPS and relying on the standard HTTP verbs including GET, POST, PUT and, DELETE.

The general URL format of the service is:{resource}/{account alias}

Note: You will need access to the Lumen Cloud Platform as an authorized user to be able to use Runner.

For more information on how to use Runner, please take a look at the documentation in our Knowledge Base

If you have questions or feedback, please submit them to our team by emailing