Client Service Partner (CSP): Service Personnel Task and Activities

Updated by Jared Ruckle on Nov 12, 2014
Article Code: kb/925

The following Service personnel tasks and activities are included in the CSP’s tasks and activities, limited by the hours per month included in the package purchased by the customer. Services extend across all products and services in the CenturyLink portfolio, not just CenturyLink Cloud.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Proactive calls to Customer with regular touch points
  • Provide product introduction or enhancements information
  • Customer tours of CenturyLink Data Centers
  • Contact Management and Administration - with new Customer contacts
  • Customer queries (e.g. what is the storage capacity available?)
  • CenturyLink Service Guide
  • Customer advocate at CenturyLink
  • Contractual queries
  • Informing Customer on CenturyLink changes, such as Invoice layout, DCMW
  • Control Portal training

Incident / Problem Management

  • Incident and problem trending and reporting
  • Escalation management (via CenturyLink Cloud Network Operations Center)

Configuration Management

  • Coordinate review of Customer firewall rules
  • Review Customer infrastructure at Service Reviews
  • Undertake quarterly review of infrastructure monitoring
  • Review authorized Customer contact list

Service Level Management

  • Service Reviews
  • SLA monitoring & reporting (via service reviews)
  • Executive Reviews including product enhancement and business direction
  • Implementation of SDP (Service Development Plan)


  • Proactively manage bill production
  • Process Service Credits
  • Resolve Billing enquiries