How do I submit a Feature Request?

Updated by Erik Jensen on Sep 21, 2016
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CenturyLink Cloud releases software updates every month and we're focused on delivering customer-driven innovation. How can you submit ideas for new features? CenturyLink Cloud offers a few primary channels for customers and partners to use. This KB article outlines the preferred mechanisms.

Submit a Feature Request via email

Write up a Feature Request and email it to Provide as many details as you can so we can accurately evaluate your request.

Feature Requests are evaluated every two weeks and if accepted, are added to the product backlog. Those who submit features will receive email notifications to let them know when the feature request has been evaluated.

Submitting a Feature Request via UserVoice

UserVoice is an industry-leading tool for creating and voting on product feature ideas. CenturyLink Cloud is leveraging UserVoice to give higher visibility to our product roadmap, while giving customers and partners the opportunity to help prioritize features.

To get an invite to UserVoice:

  • Send us an email request via to be added to UserVoice.
  • Register for a UserVoice account using your business email address.
  • Create new feature requests, or vote and comment on existing ones.
  • Track the progress of features through the pipeline and see when they are released.

Read more about CenturyLink Cloud and UserVoice here.

Submitting feature Requests via the Control Portal

  • Click the question mark in the upper-right corner of the Control Portal
  • Click “Submit Feature Idea"
  • Fill in your feature idea, then click "Submit Idea"

Checking status of a request after submission

Check out this KB for more information.