Submitting a Feature Request

Updated by Derek Jansen on Oct 30, 2019
Article Code: kb/375

Description (Goal/Purpose)

Lumen Cloud releases software updates every month, and we're focused on delivering customer-driven innovation. This article outlines the preferred mechanisms for requesting new features.

Detailed Steps

Send an email to Provide as many details as possible on the feature and its business justification so that we can accurately evaluate your request.

Review Process

Each request is reviewed every two weeks, by a cross-section of stakeholders, lead by our product ownership team. At which point, any of the following may occur.

  • Rejection - There will be no plans to implement the feature in the foreseeable future. This usually occurs if the feature already exists in similar fashion, conflicts with a pre-existing feature, or is deemed infeasible due to platform limitations.

  • Postponement - The decision is pushed to the next review period to allow for community feedback based on a larger external audience.

  • Acceptance - The feature is added to the product backlog which is regularly reviewed and reprioritized. Due to the agile nature of our development cycle, the status of these items isn't systematically available.

After every development cycle, new capabilities are published in the Release Notes section of our knowledge base.