CenturyLink Cloud & UserVoice Frequently Asked Questions

Updated by Erik Jensen on Sep 22, 2016
Article Code: kb/368


CenturyLink Cloud's UserVoice site is an interactive channel. Here, customers can suggest feature enhancements, and vote on the ideas of others. We strongly encourage customers to gain access to our UserVoice and apply your votes on the features you'd like to see implemented in the platform!

How do I get access?

Submit an email to features@ctl.io requesting access to UserVoice, and indicate the email account you'd like it associated with if it differs from the one you used to send the request. The login page is available here.

Can I encourage others from my company to sign-up for UserVoice?

Yes, there is no specific limit on number of users per company.

How long will it take for my suggestions to get evaluated?

They are regularly reviewed and triaged by a cross-functional team at CenturyLink Cloud. There is no specific SLA for a decision, however. In general, we do like to see the community’s reaction and response to new suggestions.

I’d like to know what’s in the current sprint, or what’s in a future sprint. Will UserVoice tell me that?

Status of ideas are regularly updated as the product roadmap progresses. “Supporters” of a specific feature are automatically emailed with an update once status has changed.

How do I submit a feature request?

Refer to this KB.

I just submitted a feature request. Now what?

Refer to this KB.