Using the CenturyLink Cloud Support web interface

Updated by Erik Jensen on Sep 22, 2016
Article Code: s371
### Description The CenturyLink Cloud Support web interface enables you to view and update your support requests. ### Audience CenturyLink Cloud customers ### Prerequisites Must have a username and password for []( -- this credential is separate from your Control user account * Note that the first time you submit a ticket via email, you will receive a *Welcome* response asking you to register. If you don't register you can use the forgot password workflow to reset your password via email. ### Additional Resources [Accessing the Support ticketing web interface](../../support/zendesk-login-help-for-helpdesk-ticketing-and-kb-access/) [Ticket Prioritization Matrix](../../support/ticket-prioritization-matrix/) [How To Escalate a Ticket](../../support/how-do-i-escalate-a-ticket/) ### Additional Information Navigate to []( and log in using your support site credentials. From the menu at the upper right you can select to submit a request or check your existing by clicking on your user profile and selecting "My activities". *Checking on existing requests* From the "check your existing requests" section, click on the ticket you wish to see more information about. From here, you can view ticket details, including: * The CenturyLink Engineer that's assigned to the request * Ticket status * Ticket priority (Normal or High) * Comments that have been made on the request * The ability to edit the ticket by updating with a comment, or marking the ticket as resolved