Accessing the Support ticketing web interface

Updated by Erik Jensen on Sep 22, 2016
Article Code: kb/367

Description (Goal/Purpose)

Lumen Cloud implements with Zendesk ( for support ticketing services. This provides our customers with the capability to receive email updates on tickets they have opened with us. It also enables access to the support web interface, where users can create, view, and edit request tickets. Access to the support web interface requires the creation of a Zendesk account, which is separate from your Control Portal user account.



Detailed Steps

Scenario A:

You have communicated with Lumen Cloud in the past using email. The email address should already be registered in Zendesk, but your account may not have a password set unless you've taken steps to do so.

Scenario B:

You have not communicated with Lumen Cloud in the past, but you would like to set up a support account.

Scenario C:

You already have a Zendesk account and have logged in previously, but you have forgotten your password.

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