Account Management Tools for Complex Deployments

Support for enterprise scenarios, including sub-account hierarchies, billing reports, and private-labeling

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Ideal for IT Departments

Enables IT-as-a-Service, with supporting complex business unit structures, and detailed “chargeback” capabilities. Customizable to enterprise brand requirements and existing support resources already in place.

Easily Supports Resellers

Provide customers a fully branded product (and billing) experience, without compromise. The Lumen Cloud helps you monetize cloud services easier than any other CSP permits.

ISV to SaaS

Our Account Management tools allow for each customer instance of your product to be managed and billed separately. This makes it easy to pass through charges as needed, whether to customers or to individual departments in a larger organization.


CPU, memory, storage and networks resource limits
Resource Limits

Prevent cost overruns by setting resource and limits for each data center location for CPU, memory, storage and networks.

Brand every aspect of the Lumen Cloud experience.
White Labeling

Brand every aspect of the Lumen Cloud experience, from the Control Portal logos and color scheme, to support urls and contact information to match your requirements.

Detailed billing of resource usage
Detailed Billing

Review detailed monthly breakdowns of cloud resource usage by the server groups you've setup. Drill-down to view individual server costs.

Actions performed by users tracked to the activity log
Activity Logging

Each action performed on the Lumen Cloud platform—either directly in the Control Portal or via the API—is tracked in real-time via the Activity Log. Search and filter to refine activities shown, or export items to a .csv file and conduct a deeper analysis.

SAML Authentication with Lumen Cloud
SAML Authentication Option

Stay compliant with your business policies, and integrate SAML authentication with the Lumen Cloud.

Self-Service Cloud Load Balancers
Data Center Preferences

Enable or disable each of our available data centers to control where your users can provision resources, and set what resource defaults should be.

Use Cases

Sub-Accounts – Enterprise IT

Provision and manage environments for internal clients while maintaining security and separation between accounts. Sub-Account users are restricted to their particular account, while parent account user permissions cascade to all underlying Sub-Accounts. Parent accounts can also give Sub-Accounts access to their network vLAN in order to share resources. By reallocating charges to internal customers, Sub-Accounts allow you to simplify internal bill-back. You can configure Sub-Account billing preferences on an individual basis so that selected accounts either receive dedicated invoices or are billed straight to you.

Billing for Enterprise IT – “Chargebacks” and IT as a Service

When reallocating charges or managing bill-backs to internal projects or to external customers, you can configure Sub-Account billing preferences so that selected accounts either receive dedicated invoices or are collectively billed. As you transform to a service provider, you can chose to simply manage one top- level account with one billing structure and then segment sub accounts for each of your customers.

Private Labeling – Resellers

Offer your customers a seamless cloud experience, tailored to your brand guidelines and existing support processes.

Private Labeling – Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT department brands a company-wide self-service cloud management portal and support experience to match corporate guidelines. This approach encourages adoption by business users, and reduces the risk posted by “Shadow IT”.

Account Management

Comprehensive back-office features to support advanced cloud deployments

Activity Logging

Audit trail of activities performed by users and the API


Line-item detail of costs incurred

Group Quotas

Set resource and usage limits on groups of virtual servers to prevent unwanted costs

Private Labeling

Customize UI and support resources to match custom brand requirements


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