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Runner and Cloud Blueprints Ease Complexity

For administrators, the real challenge isn't building servers, it's building application environments made up of multiple tiers of networked servers, all running highly configured software. It can be time-consuming, error prone, and dependent on the availability of infrastructure networks. Cloud Blueprints and Runner eliminate these issues.

Our Ansible-powered automation service – Runner – offers configuration management, service deployment and cloud resource control in any IT environment, anywhere. Deploy Runner playbooks to manage infrastructure in Lumen Coud, Amazon's AWS, Microsoft Azure, or any public cloud platform. It also works with on-premises servers as well as colocated infrastructure or hosted servers.

And on Lumen Cloud, our comprehensive infrastructure orchestration technology eases deployment of best-practice environments to the Lumen Cloud. You can model complex environments as repeatable templates, or Blueprints.

Both of these technologies offer the benefit of reduced costs, decreased time to market, and the ability to maintain consistency across even the most complex environments.


Runner makes automation easy and accessible to everyone, wherever they’re deploying IT infrastructure. Use Runner to manage infrastructure on-premises, servers that are remotely hosted or colocated, in private clouds, as well as multiple public cloud platforms, including Lumen Cloud, AWS, Azure, you name it. More and more organizations are deploying hybrid IT solutions that can take a lot of time and resources to manage. Runner provides orchestration across them all.

Runner is a web automation and continuous integration tool

Runner is state-based and repeatable, so you get the same result every time you run a job. You can share a job's payload, YAML files, or an entire job catalog.

Runner delivers an automation framework for agile software development

Create Runner jobs via our dashboard or API, then automate them later. Or search our Marketplace for common jobs to get you started fast.

Manage and automate your infrastructure using Runner

Runner allows you to control devices in data centers or on-premises, or scale infrastructure in any cloud environment.


Available exclusively on the Lumen Cloud platform, Blueprints create reusable templates out of complex environments including servers, software, operations and scripts, all arranged in a proper order and saved to a library. Each Blueprint can be deployed over and over again to the Lumen Cloud resulting in a rapid, reliable way to maintain uniform, best-practice environments.

In particular, Cloud Blueprints help organizations that spend a great deal of time creating the same type of environments regularly – software vendors, system integrators, or enterprise IT departments, for example.

Build and deploy cloud blueprints using web-based wizards

Step-by-step, web-based wizards for both building and deploying Cloud Blueprints. The wizard displays all deployment requirements and estimated costs.

Applying Cloud Server Resources via Blueprints

Support for Linux and Windows machines, with any combination of memory/CPU/storage allocations.

Cloud Server Tasking through cloud templates

Your choice of design-time or deploy-time configuration parameters.

Cloud Orchestration with Blueprints

Install public or private software that you've uploaded onto servers.

Cloud Application Blueprint Configuration

Shared settings allow you to mark a Cloud Blueprint as public, private shared, or private.

Cloud Monitoring and Reporting

Sophisticated progress monitoring of Cloud Blueprint deployment.

Save Time and Money with Automation

Runner Explained

Leverage the power of Ansible with Runner, a hybrid IT orchestration tool for quickly and easily automating any infrastructure. Control devices in data centers or on-premises, or scale infrastructure in any cloud environment – public or private. Multi-environment IT implementations, software installations, scheduled power-downs, dev/test deployments, all are easily handled by Runner, increasing your agility and minimizing your IT spend.

Watch the brief Runner Explainer video to the right to grab a sneak peek inside the concept of Runner.

Blueprints in Action

Server provisioning, OS and software configuration, and application installation are all scripted into Cloud Blueprints. The orchestration software makes it easy for users to deploy solutions, reducing operational support costs and speeding time to implementation.

Sample Cloud Blueprint Library

  • vFabric Starter Kit
  • RIAK Cluster
  • Active Directory Domain Controller
  • Apache Cassandra Cluster
  • LAMP Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Jenkins
  • Gerrit
  • Microsoft Exchange with
    Domain Controller
  • jBoss 7.0
  • MySQL
  • Postgres SQL
  • Apache Tomcat

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Powerful infrastructure automation: multi-environment IT implementations, software installations, scheduled power-downs, dev/test deployments and more.

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