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Organize, manage and gain insight with server groups

Cloud Server Groups


It’s easy to manage multiple servers with Groups. Create collections of servers, organized to your preferences; then manage them in bulk. Perform power operations, snapshot entire groups, execute custom packages, view reports, and schedule events.

Server Operations

1-Click Bulk Operations

Easily perform power operations, snapshot, archive, delete or execute packages on multiple servers.

Manage Multiple Cloud Servers

Groups Resources Logically

Arrange cloud servers by project, organization, or in a way that makes the most sense to you.

Parent-Child Server Groups

Parent-Child Relationships

Assign policies—like scheduled tasks—at a top-level group and have those polices automatically cascade to its child servers.

Preferred Configurations for New Servers

“Preferred” Configurations for New Servers

Indicate a preferred server configuration that reflects your cost and capacity preferences and users will see those default settings whenever they create new cloud servers.

Execute Custom Predefined Packages On Servers

Execute Custom or Predefined Packages

Execute your own custom designed, or our predefined packages against multiple servers, to quickly get your environment up and running.

Cloud Billing Support

Complex Billing Support

Implement a true internal chargeback model by seeing Group-based charges on monthly invoices.

Use Cases

Charge-Back Models

Implement a charge-back model by empowering business units to provision and manage servers that they are billed for.

Group Updates

Execute “no-touch” server upgrades through Group Tasks by simultaneously installing software across dozens of servers in a specific Group.

Power Operations

Turn off an entire environment over a weekend by configuring Scheduled Tasks that pause the environment on Friday evening and then bring it back online Monday morning.


Bulk administration of servers


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