Cloud On Your Schedule

Powerful scheduling for recurring and administrative tasks

Scheduled Tasks are used to set automated activities against cloud servers, enabling users to do things like coordinate maintenance activities, turn off developer machines over the weekend, or automatically archive servers at the end of a project.

Run tasks such as restart, power off/on, archive, snapshot, even delete, against individual servers, or a group of servers on a one-time or recurring basis with powerful scheduling tools. Each task run is then logged and trackable for success.

restart, power off/on, archive, snapshot, delete
1. Easy Setup

Select an administrative task to schedule on all servers within a given group—cascading down to any servers within its subgroups—or define tasks on a server-by-server basis.

powerful task scheduling tools
2. Set The Schedule

Set the start time to execute the first occurrence of the task. If the task needs to repeat, daily, weekly, monthly and custom recurrence options are available.

executed scheduled tasks are logged to the account activity log
3. Get Notified of Success

Tasks executed by task scheduler will be logged to the account activity log, giving insight into the tasks execute successfully. Also view any upcoming tasks for a group or individual server.

Use Cases

Timebox Temporary Environments

Delete a prototype environment after a specified amount of time. Create a Scheduled Task for one week into the future to avoid forgetting about any temporary servers.

Set It and Forget It

Create server snapshots prior to performing a software upgrade on a Group of servers, and delete the snapshots the day after.

Auto-Repeatable Tasks

Schedule daily after-hours reboots for a memory-hungry legacy software application running in the Lumen Cloud.


Schedule key infrastructure management tasks to automatically execute

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