Managed Backup

Advanced cloud backup capabilities for the enterprise, complete with self-service, hourly billing, and enterprise-grade encryption. Managed by our team of experts 24x7.

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For workloads requiring advanced backup capabilities, CenturyLink offers Managed Backup services featuring Symantec NetBackup. Quickly provision servers with advanced backup features with a single click. The service includes file and folder level backups and restores, encryption at rest, two-week retention periods and replication to a secondary site.

Managed Backup is a superior alternative to many do-it-yourself options.


No significant work is required by users, no wasted spend on infrastructure, and no need to write any code or connect to APIs. In addition, there are no setup fees and no bandwidth charges for the service.

managed backup diagram showing 2 week local data protection, and offsite 2 week data protection



Upon creation of a server, or even after a server has already been provisioned, managed backup services can be turned on and off. The backup service runs automatically from there.


Restores can be performed at the file and folder level. And data can be restored from any daily backup performed in the current 14 day window.


Data is encrypted at rest on backup infrastructure using the Blowfish algorithm.

NetBackup Agent Access

Manage the details of your backups from the NetBackup agent, with restores available upon request.

Digital Offsite Vaulting (“DOV”)

Data is backed up at a secondary facility, offering geographic diversity for enterprise systems. Using DOV, data is transferred and retained at a CenturyLink data center different than where the data backup originated (this is done via a secure, private CenturyLink network connection). Customer data is retained on disk for two weeks, with other options available upon request.

Supported Operating Systems
  • Managed Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Managed Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Managed Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Managed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  • Managed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  • Managed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Tasks Performed

  • Perform set-up and implementation based on the requirements provided by Customer
  • Install and configure the CenturyLink Equipment
  • Make required adjustments to management devices and declare Service fully operational
  • Perform an initial threat-management set-up consultation with the Customer
  • Configure the standard backup templates via Portal interface
  • Answer Customer’s questions regarding the Service
  • Perform full and incremental backups
  • Enable encryption
  • Retain primary notification and resolution responsibilities for all automated environment alerts
Maintenance & Support
  • Provide hosting at CenturyLink Data Center with secured access and redundant power supply
  • 24/7 support for Service problem resolution and Customer inquiries are included
Resource monthly
Managed Backup

Price per GB depends on usage. Lower pricing available via contract agreement.

$0.49 / GB

Managed Services Demo

Managed services available on CenturyLink Cloud, with point-and-click ease. Watch this short video to learn more about these capabilities.

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