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C3DNA AEM Platform   

Easy, secure, real-time Adobe Experience Mgr cloning, scaling, and live migration without VM motion

This C3DNA Platform for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is part of an enhanced AEM offering that also requires C3DNA Controller for AEM (sold separately).

Together, C3DNA Controller for AEM and C3DNA Platform for AEM comprise a C3DNA solution for AEM. This solution has features like self-managing, auto scaling, dynamic content synchronization, as well as high performance and workload fluctuations tolerance.

C3DNA enables easy, secure, real-time Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) cloning and live migration without VM motion. Improved operational efficiency by supporting automated or on-demand policy-based decision criteria and seamless failover processes.


Auto-scaling, auto-failover and live migration of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Dispatcher, Publisher and the Author with auto-synchronization.



  • C3DNA Platform License (support included): $50/month (recurring monthly subscription)
  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) licensed separately. Contact Adobe or licensed Software Resellers/Distributors (e.g. Rauxa or TheDigital) directly for an AEM license.
  • Typical server size: 4 CPU / 8GB Memory / 250GB Storage is $125/month


To use this offering, C3DNA Platform for AEM, you must also deploy the C3DNA Controller for AEM (sold separately), and have an Adobe Experience Manager license (not included).


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Developer Tools

deployment models

  • Runner/Ansible

operating systems

  • CentOS 6
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 6
  • Ubuntu 14