Docker Universal Control Plane   

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The commercial management solution for containerized apps inside a public cloud or on-premise.

Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP) is the enterprise-grade cluster management solution from Docker. It helps you manage your Docker cluster and applications from a single dashboard.


Centralized cluster management

With Docker you can join up to thousands of physical or virtual machines together to create a container cluster, allowing you to deploy your applications at scale. Docker Universal Control Plane extends the functionality provided by Docker to make it easier to manage your cluster from a centralized place.

You can manage and monitor your container cluster using a graphical UI. And since UCP exposes the standard Docker API, you can continue using the tools you already know, including the Docker CLI client, to deploy and manage your applications.

Deploy, manage, and monitor

With Docker UCP you can manage from a centralized place all the computing resources you have available like nodes, volumes, and networks.

You can also deploy and monitor your applications and services.

Built-in security and access control

Docker UCP has its own built-in authentication mechanism and integrates with LDAP services. It also has Role Based Access Control (RBAC), so that you can control who can access and make changes to your cluster and applications.

Docker UCP integrates with Docker Trusted Registry so that you can keep the Docker images you use for your applications behind your firewall, where they are safe and can’t be tampered.

You can also enforce security policies and only allow running applications that use Docker images you know and trust.


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