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Create your own API platform or API focused business with ease.

All you need to CREATE, HOST, MANAGE, SUPPORT & SELL your own Enterprise Grade API PLATFORM


  • Easy API endpoint creation - create REST based API endpoints from
    existing data, service or code.
  • One click version control and deployment - not only can you deploy
    new versions and work on a staged test version of an API, you can
    also sunset an API or decommission it completely, all within seconds.
  • Complete suite of API management tools - API management tools
    covering multiple dashboards, API subscribers, subscriber key
    management, API limiting and throttling, detailed API plans, and
  • Enterprise grade API security - machine learning security that comes
    with the basics such as white / blacklisting IPs, to one of a kind
    security threat detection.
  • API auditing - always stay on top of the API calls made to your API
    with audit logs.

For a full list of features please visit our platform features website:


InstantAPI’s pricing starts from only $500 / year. For additional information on the latest pricing and deals, please check our website:


All you need to get started on the InstantAPI is either having an existing database that you wish to expose externally or internally, or an existing API.

Use Cases

InstantAPI is used by various products such as:

  • The largest nutrition database
  • Browsing safety
  • Bot security
  • Authentication as a Service


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For InstantAPI support related questions, please send an email to:

For enterprise sales, please send an email to:

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Instant API


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