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FixStream is the only platform for correlation, analytics and visualization for hybrid IT. Fixstream provides a single pane of glass view of business applications using time-series data correlation from business transactions to applications services to infrastructure. The FixStream Meridian platform helps IT Operations reduce MTTR from days to minutes, optimize resources, automate compliance reporting, and minimize migration risks. It does so by providing enhanced AIOps (Algorithmic IT Operations) capabilities, including:

  • Auto-discovery of all application environment components
  • True end-to-end application flows with Flow2PathTM
  • Time-series correlated views of events – including event history
  • Converged view of the health of the entire application environment
  • Visibility into network, storage and compute entities and the entire stack, from applications to transactions to infrastructure

For additional information, visit, or connect with FixStream on LinkedIn, Twitter.

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