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Big Data Analytics, Visualization & Correlation Platform for Hybrid IT Operations

FixStream is an emerging big data AIOps platform with correlation, visualization and analytics for hybrid IT that has allowed enterprises such as AirBus, BT, Orange and FirstAdvantage to accelerate the delivery of new digital services and save $100,000s by:

  1. Automating root cause analysis of business transactions and applications
  2. Optimizing IT resources and reducing infrastructure cost
  3. Reducing business risk with technology migration to hybrid cloud and containers
  4. Reducing compliance risk and costs associated with audit and compliance reports

This is possible since FixStream:

  • Provides an integrated end-to-end view of business transactions flows correlated to application services and infrastructure entities
  • Correlates 100,000s data points per business application in real time
  • Provides auto-discovery and topology mapping of data center entities up to 2000 within 3-4 hours
  • Enriches the value of existing IT (APM, ITSM, SIEM, ITOM) tools with open API connectors
  • Can be deployed in less than 1 hour

Thanks to this innovation FixStream has been named by Gartner a “Cool Vendor 2017” and has been chosen as a "2017 Red Herring Top 100 Winner".


FixStream collects thousands of configuration and operational data that typically go unused in an application environment. FixStream auto-discovers multi-vendor, multi-domain physical, virtual and logical entities and produces a dynamic inventory, topology and application maps using Flow2Path™ technology. FixStream then overlays operational analytics such as faults, alerts, log events and tickets, providing comprehensive and contextual views to all users.

FixStream’s unique ability to integrate and correlate information in time-series data allows the operator to “go back in time” to better understand root causes and patterns leading to service issues. With FixStream, you can see the health of multiple data centers and hybrid cloud in one view, and drill down to details with a few clicks. FixStream correlates events across all domains and time in context of applications, enabling Rapid Root Cause Analysis™. Depending on the size of your environment, FixStream can minimize root cause analysis, compliance reporting and migration planning from weeks to minutes.

FixStream is a multi-vendor, multi-domain platform providing visibility into multiple data centers and clouds.


  1. Auto-discovers all your infrastructure, application services application flows, transactions and your ERP components
  2. Provides visibility into application services
  3. Maps application services to virtual and physical infrastructure entities
  4. Visualizes true end-to-end application flows overlaid over the infrastructure
  5. Produces correlated views of events – including event history
  6. Delivers a converged view of the health of your entire ERP Platform
  7. Alerts when ERP performance falls below pre-determined thresholds
  8. Provides visibility into network, storage and compute layers overlaid with operational data, such as alerts, faults, logs and tickets.



FixStream pricing is based on a monthly subscription by entity: An entity is any IP addressable unit such as a server, VM, hypervisor, switch, router, firewall, storage array, etc... The pricing below is up to 1,000 entities. Please Contact FixStream if you need more than 1,000 entities.

  1. FixStream Platform, Standard Option: Application and infrastructure discovery + monitoring + topology maps:

    • Up to 100 entities: $700/month
    • Between 101 and 250 entities: $1,700/month
    • Between 251 and 500 entities: $3,350/month
    • Between 501 and 750 entities: $4,950/month
    • Between 751 and 1,000 entities: $6,500/month
  2. FixStream Platform, Advanced Option: Standard option features + Correlated application maps:

    • Up to 100 entities: $1,400/month
    • Between 101 and 250 entities: $3,400/month
    • Between 251 and 500 entities: $6,700/month
    • Between 501 and 750 entities: $9,900/month
    • Between 751 and 1,000 entities: $13,000/month
  3. Business Transaction Agent: FixStream software deployed on application servers to discover and monitor your end-user transactions:

    • Pack of 10: $190/month
  4. Connector: Connectors to integrate third-party IT tools such as Nagios, ServiceNow with FixStream:

    • Connector for BMC True Sight: $1,400/month
    • Connector for Dynatrace DC RUM: $1,400/month
    • Connector for Nagios: $1,400/month
    • Connector for ServiceNow: $1,400/month
    • Connector for Splunk: $1,400/month

Every first-time order includes one day of professional services, at no charge, to install the FixStream DCM and get you started. You may purchase additional professional services as needed.


In addition, you will be charged for the CenturyLink Cloud infrastructure the FixStream platform is deployed to, typically $1,800/month.


You will need to:

  1. Create a CenturyLink account if you do not already have an account
  2. Order the FixStream service here by clicking on Continue
  3. Set up a VPN connection between the CenturyLink Cloud and your data center
  4. Install a FixStream Data Collector Module in your data center

More detailed instructions are provided after you click on Continue.


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