Connect your business to Microsoft Azure via the shortest path

Lumen is now an international Microsoft Azure Peering Service Partner

Microsoft Azure Peering Service aims to improve connectivity to Microsoft Public Services such as Office 365, Dynamics 365, Teams, or other SaaS products running on Azure. Customer traffic takes the shortest path into the Microsoft network from the nearest edge Point of Presence (PoP).

As a Microsoft validated partner with dual redundant peering connections in North America, and now available in Europe, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Lumen Internet Services are optimized for Azure SaaS. Microsoft Azure Peering Service is automatically compatible with new and existing Lumen® Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services configured with a BGP session, so customers are free to use it without engaging Lumen or paying any incremental costs.

high-performing connectivity

Lumen and Microsoft have partnered to provide optimized and reliable Internet connectivity to Microsoft services.

Lumen Dedicated Internet Access

Today’s enterprises require application-driven, cloud-ready networking ecosystems capable of rapidly responding to changing business needs as bandwidth demands continue to grow. DIA combines vital business Internet features with maximum global reach and scalability.

Lumen has built it into DIA services configured with a BGP session, so it simply needs to be enabled through Microsoft. There is no additional cost to your business.

A faster, more reliable connection can positively affect the experience of your employees and customers. To maximize internal operations, every transaction needs to take place securely, reliably and in real time—no matter where your employees, customers or suppliers are located.

  • Superior Customer Service: Lumen supports customers through all phases of their service lifecycle and provides 24x7 network monitoring, management and technical support backed by SLAs.
  • Customer Growth and Improved Connectivity: Lumen’s highly connected global network reach and deep domestic U.S. market presence provides a scalable platform for enterprise applications. With the speed, resiliency and consistently reliable performance of our Internet Services, customers can reach more destinations faster with fewer hops.
  • Secure, Single Provider Solution: Personalized solutions across multiple communications and services are based on an in-depth understanding of customer needs with the protection, full in-house Managed Security services, Lumen DDoS Mitigation, and a centralized security organization.

Choosing Lumen for Microsoft Azure Peering Services

Enterprises looking for Internet-first access to the cloud, considering SD-WAN architecture, or experiencing high usage of Microsoft SaaS products need robust, high-performing connectivity.


  • Best public routing over the internet to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
  • Traffic insights such as latency reporting and prefix monitoring
  • One network hop from the Microsoft cloud
  • Route analytics and statistics for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) route anomalies and suboptimal routing
high-performing connectivity

Lumen meets more stringent technical requirements as a Microsoft Azure Peering Service partner.

How Lumen and Microsoft Azure Peering Services Work

Lumen’s connectivity is optimized for high reliability and minimal latency from cloud services to the end-user location. Microsoft interconnects with our edge locations. On each continent, interconnection supports failover across two routers and multiple locations.

As a value-added service, customers can opt for Peering Service telemetry such as user latency measures to the Microsoft network, BGP route monitoring, and alerts against leaks and hijacks by registering the Peering Service connection directly in the Azure portal.

Lumen DIA & Microsoft Azure Peering Services

(for SaaS products)

As the cloud changes enterprise WAN architectures and more applications shift to the public cloud, traffic patterns will rely more on the Internet.

We can help businesses become more agile and digitally transform. Delivered over our global vast IP network Lumen® Dedicated Internet Access is fast, scalable and engineered for resilience. It is also protected by our full suite of security solutions and can be easily combined with our comprehensive portfolio of data services for a complete network solution.


  • Useful for SaaS based services, especially Office365
  • Connect to nearest Microsoft edge PoP
  • ISP one hop from Microsoft
  • Traffic in Microsoft global network routed with software-defined networking (SDN)-based policies for optimal performance
  • Telemetry (optional)
    • Internet performance insights
    • Route monitoring and alerting against hijacks, leaks, and any other Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) misconfiguration
    • Monitoring and alerting on Internet performance anomalies

Lumen Cloud Connect & Microsoft ExpressRoute

(for IaaS or PaaS workloads)

Lumen® Cloud Connect Solutions delivers secure, high-performance, and virtualized networking functionality for private Azure workloads.

Our global reach and extensive connectivity options and dynamic SDN-based controls can provide you with a network experience that matches your cloud experience.


  • Typically utilized for private IaaS and PaaS workloads
  • Customer connection is dedicated, predictable throughput that is used only for access to Microsoft Azure workloads
    • Successfully migrate to the cloud
    • Boost performance
    • Improve flexibility and efficiency
    • Stay secure

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