Optimizing Websites, Building Brands

Multinational food, snack and beverage company saves 30 percent on website costs and scales workload environment to handle traffic spike of as much as 900x normal.

Brand Is Everything

In the snack food and beverage game, the brand is everything. Global brands spend hundreds of millions of dollars to create an image and fiercely guard it through sponsorships and endorsements, through print, radio and television advertising, and on their websites. Brands suffer if consumers’ experience on any of those channels falls short of expectations.

A global food, snack and beverage company needed to ensure their 70 brand websites worldwide performed at peak - their workloads and page speeds optimized, their security maintained, their uptime assured – regardless of one-off spikes in traffic demands or unforeseen outages or natural disasters.

Equally important is page-speed, which is a function of proximity and scalability. The company needed to migrate its website properties from a dedicated private cloud platform in two US-based data centers to a more geographically distributed, regionally based private cloud environment. The environment needed to be highly scalable to sustain the short-term workload demands of special events or campaign-driven traffic spikes to the websites. To ensure uptime and fast recovery in the event of a disaster, the company needed to establish a disaster recovery location.

Migrating to the Cloud

Lumen has been providing managed hosting services to this international company for nearly a decade and was selected to migrate their website workloads over Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to multiple data centers. By moving its security content delivery network and web application firewall to a cloud-based solution, this snack, food and beverage company can now go over any Azure region globally and turn on a secure environment.

Lumen has the tools, processes and people to help you deliver a consistent customer experience across multiple cloud platforms. Contact us to learn more.

Lumen chose to use its Managed Services Anywhere on Cloud Application Manager (MSA on CAM) to enable the migration. Utilizing MSA on CAM, Lumen helped manage the hybrid AWS and Microsoft Azure multi-cloud environments’ workloads on a single platform, providing the customer with a single managed services methodology.


Providing a consistent experience across providers and platforms helped the client to achieve a 30% monthly savings on administrative and server hardware costs associated with each of its customer’s 70 brand websites. At the same time, Lumen teamed with the company to add a disaster-recovery site to shortens its recovery time objective from days to minutes helping to ensures maximum website uptime.

With enhanced workload scalability, the company was equipped to meet the load processing demands generated by massive traffic spikes, like the one that occurred when their ad ran during the big annual championship football game. When the ad for one of their brand name products ran, it generated 900x normal traffic for 10 minutes before returning to normal without issue.

The company’s decision to partner with Lumen for the migration of workloads across multiple data centers has helped protect their brand while equipping their 70 websites to comply with their customer’s requirements for responsiveness, stability and availability.

Company saves 30 percent on website costs and scales workload environment to handle traffic spike of as much as 900x normal