Hitachi Systems, Ltd. Builds its Business with Lumen Cloud at the Core

New market opportunities won't wait until your infrastructure is ready for you to pursue them. This was the case for Hitachi Systems, an IT services company of Hitachi Group specializing in system design, construction, operation, monitoring and maintenance by using a wide variety of IT infrastructure such as Data Centers, Contact Centers, and networks.

Speed Matters. Lumen Cloud Delivers.

When Hitachi Systems acquired its first client for its SAP Business One Cloud offering, for a Japan based biotechnology company it needed the support of an experienced cloud partner — and it had to act fast. As a growing organization, the biotechnology company needed Hitachi Systems’ help to deploy an ERP system so it could make decisions faster utilizing cloud.

However, the project required a rapid installation timeframe while simultaneously attempting to reduce costs. As a small team, the SAP Business One Cloud division required more than just a simple, self-service cloud provider to meet these challenges. It needed a provider with the ability to spin up a cloud environment compatible with its HANA database — and then support its business with high performance managed hosting services. Hitachi Systems was also looking for the human support and expertise to supplement its team when troubleshooting potential problems, before they impacted business.

After careful evaluation of several IT services providers, Hitachi Systems chose Lumen’s Cloud platform. No other providers were able to offer both the IT capabilities and support Hitachi needed to successfully expand its SAP business and deploy the biotechnology company’s ERP system.

Lumen quickly implemented its Lumen Public Cloud solution with managed hosting services in Singapore, which was an ideal location because of its close proximity to the biotechnology client and many of Hitachi Systems’ other prospects. The transparency of the exact Lumen Cloud location was critical as it affects application latency

SAP Expertise a Clear Differentiator

An important factor in Hitachi Systems’ selection process was identifying a cloud provider with SAP expertise to troubleshoot potential issues — and with an SAP certification, Lumen proved highly qualified in this area. Shingo Sato, Hitachi Systems’ Business Development Manager, says: “We chose Lumen as our partner because they had the vision and expertise needed to picture the ‘what if’ scenarios that would help us solve problems.”

“We chose Lumen as our partner because they had the vision and expertise needed to picture the ‘what if’ scenarios and help us solve problems.”
— Shingo Sato, Business Development Manager, Industrial & Distribution System Service Group, Hitachi Systems

Cloud Delivers Impressive Outcomes

With Lumen as its strategic partner, Hitachi Systems successfully augmented its team and capabilities to support the biotechnology client’s ERP deployment, as well as other new business opportunities. Hitachi Systems gained a competitive advantage in the market by utilizing Lumen’s global capabilities, bilingual support and ability to provide a complete solution, all under one roof.

By creating a customized cloud model with all the necessary support, Hitachi Systems was able to offer their customer cost-effective cloud-based service. This also augmented its small team, enabling Hitachi Systems to expand its business with confidence. Since taking on the biotechnology client, Hitachi Systems’ SAP Business One Cloud division has acquired seven other clients thanks to the support of Lumen.

“We’re confident in the solutions Lumen can provide and greatly appreciate the sales team’s support throughout the process, allowing us to expand our SAP Business One Cloud more and more,” said Shingo Sato.
Hitachi leverges Lumen Cloud scalability and immediate IaaS deployment