Application Hosting

Remove the high costs of investing and maintaining infrastructure, and lower the risk that comes with the uncertainty of customer demand. Take advantage of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and consume resources on an as-needed basis, scaling automatically to meet demand spikes or lulls with CenturyLink Cloud.

Whether you are an enterprise looking to move existing on-premises applications to the cloud, or an application developer evaluating a cloud platform on which to deploy a new application or SaaS offering, CenturyLink Cloud has a solution that's reliable, secure and cost effective. And by relying on an award-winning cloud provider, you'll free up critical IT resources to focus on your core competencies.

Transform Your Business with Hosted Applications in the Cloud

Cloud-Enable Your Products

Quickly and easily achieve multi-tenancy in the cloud for your Software-as-a-Service offering or hosted application — without rewriting your current product line from scratch. Our high-performance cloud servers deploy in an instant, and offer scalability, flexibility and high-availability.

Offer Enterprise SLAs to Your Customers

Your products and mission-critical applications are backed by our highly available, SSAE 16-audited platform with built-in disaster recovery capabilities and “defense in depth” security. Stop worrying about keeping your infrastructure online and instead focus on delivering business value to your customers.

Shift from CapEx to OpEx

Extend your product line with minimal investment — no CapEx required, pay only for what you use. This is the beauty of true utility computing — allowing smaller businesses to compete with the big guys, as well as delivering agility to larger enterprise IT departments.

Onboard Customers Faster with Runner and Blueprints

CenturyLink offers two powerful automation tools to facilitate application deployment: Runner and Blueprints. Both allow you to save your common deployment configurations for reuse over and over again. With these powerful cloud orchestration tools, you can spin up new customer environments in minutes.

Deliver on Data Sovereignty and Compliance

Our global footprint of 13 world-class data centers delivers the flexibility your customers need, as well as the cloud platform compliance and security they demand. We can help you meet compliance with industry regulations like PCI, HIPAA and CSA.

Easy Billing and Account Management

Our suite of back-office reports and support for sub-accounts and hierarchies makes it simple to understand the cloud usage for each of your customers, so you can bill them accordingly accordingly for the hosted applications they use. It is equally useful for identifying and segmenting application usage by internal groups, such as Marketing, Sales and Accounting..

Rely on Our Industry Leading Support and Knowledge

The CenturyLink Cloud platform delivers a dependable and scalable computing resource that can revolutionize the way you do business — all while providing superior customer-driven support on your terms. Select from multiple support options, with response times ranging from less than eught hours to less than 30 minutes.

Easily Deploy Technology from Ecosystem Partners

Deploy a wide range of industry-leading software and technology from any of our certified partners to your cloud servers. Available as tried and true Blueprints, Templates and Packages, or even through APIs, you can be sure these apps and software add-ons are always deployed to their ideal settings, eliminating problems related to misconfiguration and mismanagement.

Choose from Multiple Cloud Services

Host your applications on a cloud platform that offers public cloud servers, private cloud instances or Bare Metal cloud servers, or take a Hybrid approach. Opt for self-managed cloud, using our powerful, unified Control Portal. Or if you require more cloud management, rely on our experts to maintain and administer your cloud environment for maximum performance.

Web Application Hosting

Web applications are frequently perfect candidates for hosting in a cloud environment. Cloud's inherent flexibility, scalability and pay-as-you-go cost structure lend themselves well to the unpredictable demands of web applications. If you're developing a web app, there are a variety of approaches to hosting your application that you may want to consider.

A web app is any software that offers access to users through a web browser. The architecture for a web application is commonly designed with at least two logical tiers: the Application tier and the Storage or Database tier. More complex web application architectures may deconstruct the Application tier further — by establishing separate web servers and back-end application servers. It's also common to start with a simplified structure for proofs of concept or early production, then evolve the architecture in response to real-world demand.

For example, you might develop a preliminary hosted ecommerce solution on two cloud servers — one designated for your database, the other for your applications. Then once you're ready to go into production, you might consider duplicating those two cloud servers so you can maintain separate dev/test and production environments. Okay, so far, so good. Now let's say this ecommerce application starts to pick up momentum, and you begin to see some problems with latency and application response time. So now you might consider splitting out a third server in each environment — both the production and the dev/test stacks — to be designated purely as web servers. Ultimately you might find you need a ratio of one database server for every two or three application servers, and maybe as many as 10 web servers. That's just a hypothetical example, but it helps frame the discussion.

Web application hosting is a broad subject, with a plethora of considerations. However, at CenturyLink, some of our best and brightest subject matter experts have taken the topic to task. You may be interested in reading our multi-part blog series describing how to SaaS Your App. Another article talks about the how IT is being transformed and how scalability is key for both dev/test and web app build outs.


Easily Implement, Configure and Expose the Applications You Need to Be Productive

Runner enables developers to quickly provision, interact with, and modify IT environments, regardless of where they reside. You can manage infrastructure on the CenturyLink Cloud Platform or third-party clouds like Amazon, Google, and Azure, as well as on-premise infrastructure and servers in remote data center. The service brings together state-based and parallel job execution with multi-cloud and multi-data center execution, all in one powerful engine.

  • Fast and easy automation of infrastructure and application deployment in any cloud or data center.
  • Leverages the power and functionality of Ansible and exposes it to integrate cloud and on-premise connectivity.
  • Quickly create, schedule and run jobs from either the dashboard or via API.
  • Monitor and report on status, and easily share within your organization.
  • From the most advanced users to those new to the Cloud, Runner makes it easy to create jobs and execute them.

Learn more about Runner

Runner offers configuration management, service deployment and cloud resource control in any IT environment, anywhere


A PaaS for Creating, Scaling and Managing Cloud-Native Applications.

AppFog is a flexible, multi-framework Platform-as-a-Service that facilitates building apps that delight your customers, without worrying about the infrastructure they run on. It supports the most popular development languages and it's also Cloud Foundry compatible. So it's easy to deploy and manage open and portable enterprise-class hosted applications without the need for traditional operations tasks.

  • Enterprise IT departments are increasingly looking to cloud services for hosting new, modern, cloud-native applications. AppFog is a cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service that encourages rapid delivery of cloud-native applications.
  • AppFog is ideal for rapid prototyping and quick deployment of temporary or seasonal applications. But once enabled on the CenturyLink Cloud platform, these apps benefit from the enterprise-grade support and infrastructure demanded by mission-critical systems.
  • Because of AppFog's support for the most popular web application runtimes, it can host virtually any public website while still providing the performance and reliability consumers expect.

Supported Run-Times: Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, NodeJS

Learn more about AppFog

DIY or DIFM Application Hosting?

Managed vs. Unmanaged Application Hosting on the CenturyLink Cloud

Which level of service and oversight is right for your hosted application? We understand every customer has unique needs and requirements. Use the comparison below to help identify the best solution for your business needs.

Managed Cloud

If you're offering a SaaS to your customers, or hosting other production applications on our cloud, you may not have time to waste on administrative tasks. Let us take care of the daily behind-the-scenes activities so you can focus on improving your application. With our on-demand Managed Services, you have access to experts who will maintain and administer your cloud deployments for you, freeing you to focus on creating and improving your applications.

Our portfolio of managed cloud services range from operating systems to databases, middleware to directory services. And they're all delivered with the same speed and agility you expect from any cloud solution. If you have a hosted application that is in production and mission-critical to your business success, Managed Cloud Services may be the ideal choice.

Self-Service Cloud

Our Cloud was purpose-built to set a new standard for self-service functionality, offering the widest possible — and ever-growing — range of on-demand services. Starting with our highly-intuitive unified cloud Control Portal, we enable customers to easily deploy cloud servers and Bare Metal dedicated servers at will. Runner, Blueprints, Templates, Packages and powerful APIs offer broad automation capabilities. Functional server Groups and the ability to automate server actions deliver advanced orchestration and control. Intelligent Account Management tools allow you to control access, delegate responsibilities and meet compliance and regulation requirements.

For many hosted apps, you just need quick and easy access to a cost-effective, high-performance cloud environment. With CenturyLink Cloud, you've got it.


Tutorial: Protecting Sensitive Information in Docker Container Images

Dealing with passwords, private keys, and API tokens in Docker containers can be tricky. Just a few wrong moves, and you'll accidentally expose private information in the Docker layers that make up a container. This tutorial reviews the basics of Docker architecture to better understand how to mitigate risks, and presents best practices for protecting your most sensitive data.

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Tutorial: Accessing our Relational Database Service using SSL on AppFog with Ruby

In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect the CenturyLink Cloud Relational Database Service (RDBS) offering through AppFog using SSL. You will see how to create a MySQL instance through the CloudFoundry command line, then build out a simple Ruby/Sinatra app that binds to an existing RDBS MySQL instance over SSL and validates the connection is operational.

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