Driving value with your data.

CenturyLink Cloud is designed for data manipulation. Our Managed and Unmanaged Services enables organizations to realize critical insights that drive value from your data.

As the Internet Of Things (IoT) becomes more and more common in consumers daily lives the Security, Reliability and how well an organization is going to derive value from the mass of sensor data will a distinguishing criteria. IoT vendors will need to ensure they use partners with established platforms that can support highly available (HA) infrastructure and secure data stores for the collection and processing of large amounts of senor data that changes frequently.

Sensors powering the IoT will become less of a differentiator for vendors. Value will be derived by being able to build usful analytics from senor data. From an IoT Analytics Perspective, organizations will need to consider how optimize huge amounts of data coming in from sensors. However, Big Data alone doesn’t constitute an IoT Strategy. One must consider compute, storage, security and availability.

IoT Assets

CenturyLink Cloud offers an established platform that supports IoT organizations with the following assests

Compute Options:

Managed Compute/Server

For a flat hourly fee, our engineers will perform common administrative functions on your behalf.

Unmanaged Compute/Server

Create on-demand high-performance cloud servers with any combination of operating system, CPU, memory and storage. Don't be locked into generic server sizes.


Breakthrough performance for data and web scale architectures. Lightning-quick, 100% flash storage servers designed for Hadoop, Cassandra, Couchbase, and more.


Autoscale makes it possible for a server or group of servers to self-regulate and deliver only the capacity it needs at any given time.

Enterprise Service Level Agreements

CenturyLink Cloud offers an industry-leading SLA to host your enterprise-grade IoT workloads. We maintain a 99.9% availability for our products during General Availability. Our SLA exceeds the competition for most services.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

AppFog, CenturyLink Clouds Platform as a Service (Paas) based on Cloud Foundry, enables developers to focus on writing great applications, without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure. The result is increased agility and productivity, more efficient use of resources, and low operational overhead.


Object Storage stores multiple copies of your object natively, so high availability is already built-in.

Platform IaaS Highlights

Status stcreenshot

Get Notified of Usage Spikes

Create CPU, memory or storage alert policies, apply them to servers, and consume alerts in 3 key ways–email, webhook, or through visual indicators in the Control Portal interface.

Resources screenshot

Persistent, 100% Flash Storage

Hyper scale provides high performance SSD local storage, up to 1 terabyte total per server. Expect a minimum of 15,000 IOPS, with maximum IOPS spiking much higher.

Hyperscale windows server screenshot

Anti-Affinity Policies

Anti-affinity policies make it possible to spread workloads across physical hosts, which is especially useful for Hyperscale servers that rely on local storage without integrated backup.

S3-compatible API and Authentication

Create CPU, memory or storage alert policies, apply them to servers, and consume alerts in 3 key ways–email, webhook, or through visual indicators in the Control Portal interface.

Secure, Key-Pair Permissions

Stores collection of files in buckets that are protected with unique key-pairs. Point-and-click to assign permissions to other users as needed.

Storage for Large Objects

Store any type of file in Centurylink Cloud - multimedia, documents, database backups, archives, and more. Supports direct uploads for files up to 5GB; larger objects may be stored in Centurylink Cloud using multipart file uploads.

High Availability

Object storage from CenturyLink stores multiple copies of your natively, so high availibility is already built in.