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Manage your Lumen Cloud servers from anywhere with an industry-leading API offering. Manage servers, deploy advanced environment templates via Blueprints, create accounts, view invoices, add public IP addresses, and much more through a SOAP and HTTP API that supports both XML and JSON for all operations.

Cloud Server Management API Enabled Platform

API Web services accept and return XML or JSON


Provision and Administer Servers

The cloud server API includes all of the operations necessary to create, modify, delete, snapshot, archive, restore, and issue power commands against a server.

Read network details and manage public IP addresses

Get the details of a network including the gateway, network mask, list of IP addresses and host data center. Add or release a public IP.

Manage your Account(s) and Users

Create, update, suspend and delete accounts in the Lumen Cloud. Also create, update, suspend and delete individual users within an account.

Manage Server Groups

Create, archive, delete, and issue power commands against groups and/or individual servers.

Deploy Complex Environments

Use the API to retrieve and publish blueprints that make up self-contained server environments.

Review Detailed Billing Information

Look up current server/group charges, estimated monthly charges, past invoices and more in this easy-to-use billing API.

Use Cases

Manage Your Cloud via Custom Apps and Workflows

Customers can view and interact with their cloud servers from within their own custom applications and workflows.

Retrieve Billing Information Programmatically

Retrieve billing information programmatically and load into on-premises financial systems for month-end reports or estimation analysis.


Infrastructure providers can offer Lumen Cloud services through their own branded web portals.

Employee Onboarding

Create new cloud users as part of your existing employee onboarding process.

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