Relational and Non-Relational Databases in the Cloud

Choose from managed and unmanaged database offerings on the CenturyLink Cloud platform.

Microsoft SQL Server
Relational DB Service

Relational or Non-Relational? Managed or Unmanaged?

It makes all the difference when you have the right tool for the job. Identifying the best approach can sometimes be a challenge, particularly with technical solutions. Databases are no exception to that rule. You may have a project where the choice is clear, but what if it’s not so cut and dried?

The first question is whether you’re going with a relational database or a non-relational database.

And what about database administration? Does your team have a dedicated engineer certified in managing the database engine you’ve selected — such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL or some “no-SQL” alternative? You’ll pay a bit more for a managed solution, but it may be well-worth it if you don’t have to worry about database admin hassles.

Take a look at the information provided below. Through descriptions, feature comparison and use cases, we’ve done our best to help you make an educated decision about the options available to you on the CenturyLink Cloud Platform.

With Managed MySQL or Managed Microsoft SQL Server from CenturyLink Cloud, you can rely on our certified engineers to take your enterprise and mission-critical database workloads to the next level.

Learn more aobut Managed MySQL
Learn more about Managed Microsoft SQL Server

Supporting rapid software delivery needs by providing instant access to a high-performance, enterprise-hardened MySQL database instance deployed on our Hyperscale cloud platform with 100% flash storage.

Learn more about Relational DB Service

A high-performance, high-availability, fault-tolerant, “no-SQL” non-relational database service for rapid application development on our cloud platform, removing the burden of managing infrastructure. Add search, time-ordered events, geospatial or graph queries fast with a REST API.

Learn more about Orchestrate


Managed Database

Relational DB Service


(non-relational DB)
Database Engine
  • MySQL-compatible (Percona)
  • Orchestrate "noSQL-DB"
  • 2 steps - Auto deploy your Managed VM and then auto deploy Managed MySQL Enterprise Edition or Microsoft SQL Server per node via blueprint
  • Can configure Master/Slave replication in datacenter for additional cost, adding a provisioning step
  • One click deployment returns connection string for a MySQL-compatible database
  • Includes replication, if selected
  • No need to provision your compute separately
  • Runs on Percona 5.6
  • A customer simply signs up at and they’re up and runnning on the Orchestrate platform
  • No "provisioning" required
  • Dedicated VM on multi-tenant public cloud
  • Service on multi-tenant public cloud
  • Database isolation at the VM level
  • Service on multi-tenant public cloud
  • Also available on dedicated clusters and private cloud deployments
  • Full access to underlying VM and OS
  • No access or visibility to underlying VM and OS
  • No access or visibility to underlying VM and OS
  • Comprehensive proactive monitoring in place
  • Alerts go to CenturyLink Operations center for triage
  • Custom configurable monitoring
  • Alerts go to customer for triage
  • Comprehensive, proactive monitoring in place
  • Alerts go to CenturyLink Operations center for triage
  • CenturyLink DBAs perform database configuration (includes replication, monitoring, backups)
  • Automated in the service
  • Automated in the service
CenturyLink DBAs perform the following tasks:
  • Backups and Restores
  • Log Monitoring
  • Start/Stop/Restart Services
  • Coordinate patching
  • Perform incident related failover – requires ticket
Service includes:
  • Daily Backups
  • DB Configuration
  • Replication Configuration
  • Auto-failover (if replication is purchased)
  • Patching
Customer initiates via automation:
  • Change Backup Time
  • Sign up to receive usage notifications
  • Manual Failover
  • Scale Subscription Size
Customer responsible for:
  • Log Monitoring
  • Start/Stop/Restart Service
  • DB Admin via MySQL Client of choice
Automation handles:
  • Backups and Restores
  • Log Monitoring
  • Restart/Stop/Start Services
  • Patching
Geographic Availability
  • Global – Available in any Managed Datacenter
  • US Only – VA1, UC1, IL1
    Global expansion in 2016
  • Multiple locations in the US, UK and Singapore
  • $$$
  • Priced Hourly; no commitments
  • Pay for Management, Compute and Database Resources and Licensing Separately
  • Hands on Operations Support & Enterprise Licensing result in higher pricing than Relational DB Service
  • $
  • Priced Hourly; no commitments
  • Pay for Compute and Database Resources together
  • Self Service nature and open source software results in lower pricing
  • Free to $
  • Priced by API Calls per Month. Four tiers available:
    • Free
    • Developer
    • Professional
    • Enterprise
  • No charge for storage
  • No licensing charges apply
  • “Monthly Write Quota” charged based on HTTP body MB per Month

Use Cases

Managed Database

Outsourcing Database Administration

For enterprise applications and key initiatives, many organizations prefer to outsource the administration, maintenance and support of their database environments and infrastructure. CenturyLink, as a recognized IT Infrastructure leader in the delivery of mission-critical hosted as well as managed services and applications, is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of businesses that require secure and reliable access to their database applications.

CenturyLink’s Certified Database Administrators are experts in deploying and managing applications with Managed MySQL and Managed SQL Server databases, so you can feel secure that CenturyLink professionals are fully trained and certified to provide the services and capabilities you require on a 24/7 basis. It’s white glove service that costs more, but delivers invaluable peace of mind.

Relational DB Service

Facilitating Rapid Software Delivery and Ease of Scaling

The challenge for companies has long been how to provide accelerated IT on-demand. With ever increasing competition, organizations are ramping up cycles to increase velocity of market-ready product and services.

Relational DB Service enables customers to provision database environments on-demand without having to purchase new hardware or manage complex licensing models, all while providing complete access anytime.

Relational DB Service can also help transition a database through the application development process. During early phases, you can provision databases in low-cost configurations geared toward development activities. As the app progresses toward production, databases can be seamlessly scaled for production, reconfigured with higher levels of availability and performance.


Complete Database Service for Rapid Application Deployment

Orchestrate is ideal for a broad range of applications: CMS, social networks, game back-ends, storage services, product catalogs, and blogging engines are all good use cases. Orchestrate is meant for server-side applications as all clients with an API Key can read, write, and delete any record in an application. As such, Orchestrate is a perfect database backend for SaaS applications.

Although they both provide a way to persist data, don’t confuse Orchestrate with Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS). When compared to a BaaS, Orchestrate will generally offer both a broader and deeper data storage and querying feature set. It facilitates adding search, time-ordered events, and geospatial or graph queries with a REST API.

Because Orchestrate doesn’t provide transactions, it’s not a good fit for apps that rely on ACID semantics for coordinating the updates of multiple fields in different objects.

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