Monitors for Managed MySQL Service

Updated by Jared Ruckle on Oct 14, 2014
Article Code: kb/957

The following table details the monitors supported for the Managed MySQL service on Lumen Cloud:

Monitors for MySQL Server Service




MySQL Error Log

The MySQL error log is polled for the words “ERROR” or “FAILED” will trap (case ignored)


MySQL Process

Check if the MySQL Server process is running

1 Minute

Remote Root

Checks for root account available from anything other than local host

24 Hours

Root Password

Checks for root password

24 Hours


Checks for anonymous accounts

24 Hours

Key Buffer Used %

Checks percentage of maximum amount of Key Buffer used since startup

1 Minute

Write hit

Ratio of key writes to hard disk to key writes to RAM

1 Minute

Read hit

Ratio of key reads from hard disk to key reads from RAM

1 Minute

% of Total Questions

Percentage of Slow Queries of all statements

1 Minute

% of Max used

Percentage of Max used connections to Max Connection Size

1 Minute

InnoDB Buffer Pool Size

Configured size of InnoDB Buffer Pool size

1 Minute

InnoDB Buffer Pool Usage

Buffer Pool Used

1 Minute

InnoDB Buffer Pool % Used

Percentage of Buffer Pool used

1 Minute