Add Lumen Personnel to a Role in Control

Updated by Maurice Ramsey on Nov 14, 2014
Article Code: kb/1384

Description (goal/purpose)

When a Lumen employee requires access to a Role in a customer environment, the following procedures must be followed.


  • Lumen Employees
  • Lumen Cloud Customers


Detailed Steps

Option 1: Request that the Lumen Cloud customer add you to the appropriate role. This is self-service for the customer.

Option 2: Have the Lumen Cloud customer request you be added to the appropriate Role via the Lumen ticketing process. Make sure to include the specific Role(s) required and make sure the customer provides their Control Portal PIN for identity verification. Ensure the Lumen Cloud customer CC’s you on the request. Once the request is provided by the Lumen Cloud customer, permissions will be granted and the ticket will be processed per SLA.