Closing Your Account

Updated by Richard Seroter on Nov 04, 2015
Article Code: kb/615


We're sorry to see you go, but we want to make sure your off-boarding experience is as easy as possible. Follow the steps below to ensure that your account closure goes off without a hitch. Please be aware that it is not possible to recover an account or the associated assets after the account is deleted. Proceed cautiously to ensure you've recovered all data before proceeding to deletion.


Cloud Term Commitment Customers: If you have a cloud term commitment, please contract your sales representative to execute a terminate service order.

Steps for closing your account

  1. Retrieve your data from your cloud servers. Log into your virtual (or Bare Metal) servers and transfer your data to an on-premises or alternative location. If you need help extracting a virtual machine or data, request a for-pay Service Task and we'll deliver it to you.
  2. Delete your running, stopped, and archived servers. While we will delete these resources for you upon successful verification of your account closure request, there could be time in between when you're still incurring costs. To prevent that, use the API or Control Portal to clean up your servers.
  3. Delete services with an hourly/monthly charge. Like mentioned above, there may be a few hours or days between your initial request to close an account, and verification of that user. To avoid accruing any charges during that period, remove any for-pay services such as: virtual networks, public IP addresses, site to site VPNs, load balancer pools and Object Storage buckets.
  4. Click the "Request to close" link found under Account --> Info. This link immediately triggers a request (without an additional confirmation prompt) to the CenturyLink team, who will then close your account. There is no guarantee that any server data or configurations can be retrieved after this point.
    Close account
  5. Customer receives their final invoice. After the close of the current month, you will receive your final invoice from CenturyLink.