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Partner Cloud Integration: Detailed Usage History

Updated by Ben Swoboda on May 07, 2018
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Optimizing Accounts allows a Cloud Application Manager user to receive consolidated bills. To get further details for these invoices, users may review the billing history.


All users with Cloud Application Manager organization administrator access.


At least one Optimized account.

Cloud Application Manager organization administrator access.

Important Information

Starting January 1, 2018 data will be available according to the following methods for December 2017 usage, going forward. November reconciliation SKUs (labeled "Update to Previous Month...") which appear on the December invoice will not have any detail. If you need detailed information for those prior months, please submit a support ticket.

To gain access to the information, navigate to the billing history within Cloud Application Manager by switching your context to an organization. Then select "Billing", then "Usage History."

Select a month.

Select a Month

For each line item, you will see to which provider name, provider alias, and account or subscription ID to which it is associated. This line item equates to lines items you would see on your CenturyLink invoice.

Select a Line Item

You may select a line item and it will provide detail into all the services, by region, that contributed charges to that line item.

Select an Account

Details of how CenturyLink safeguards customer accounts so they are billed fairly is also represented. If a Reserved Instance is purchased in one account and assigned by Amazon Web Services to a different account, CenturyLink will perform inter-customer adjustments. The RI-purchasing account will be credited and the RI-consuming account will be debited.

Inter-Customer Adjustments