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Dedicated Cloud Compute — Operational Orders

Article Code: kb/223

The new Dedicated Cloud Compute User Interface (DCC UI) gives the ability to perform power operations and tier changes on servers/VMs. Go here for a demo on using the new DCC UI.

Power Operations

There are several power operations you can perform on deployed servers. A server that has been deployed can be stopped, or one that isn't functioning properly can be restarted. You can also clone or delete a server.

To perform power operations:

  1. Click the Infrastructure tab and locate the cluster and then server.

  2. Click the server name, which will load the server page.

  3. The Overview tab contains the power operations buttons in a toolbar at the top of the page.


Change Tier

The server/VM tier can also be changed on the server page.

  1. On the server page, click the Overview tab.

  2. Click Settings in the toolbar at the top.

  3. The Resouces tab should appear. The vcpu and vram dropdowns will allow you to change the tier for the VM.