Getting Started with Managed Apache

Updated by Jared Ruckle on Oct 14, 2014

CenturyLink Cloud Web server application offers a reliable, high-performance, and secure vehicle for delivery HTTP content to end users. Here's how to create a managed Apache environment in CenturyLink Cloud.

**NOTE**: Before you can deploy Managed Tomcat, you must create a Managed Red Hat server.

1. Log on to the [Control Portal]( Using the left side navigation bar, click on **Orchestration** > **Blueprints Library**. Click on the “CLC Managed Apache Httpd OpenSSL and Web” Blueprint.NOTE: Before you can deploy Managed Tomcat, you must create a Managed Red Hat server.


2. Click on the "Deploy Blueprint" button.


3. Fill out the appropriate details for the CLC Managed Apache Httpd OpenSSL and Web Blueprint.

**NOTE** Please choose the same server for both the Installation and Registration of Managed Apache. This server must have Managed Red Hat installed, otherwise the Blueprint will fail.

Ensure that the appropriate services that are included within Apache are installed i.e., HTTPD & PHP version.


4. Verify the information is correct (pictured below).


5. Once verified, please click on the 'deploy blueprint' button. You will be presented with the deployment details along with an email stating the Blueprint has been queued.


 You will receive an email that your Blueprint has been installed when the Blueprint is complete.

**NOTE** The server now has the Managed Apache software installed and activated.


Q: How is the CenturyLink Cloud for Managed Apache HTTP priced?

A: CenturyLink Cloud Web Software for Apache is priced by the VM, billed hourly.

Q: Can the customer have multiple Apache Instances installed on the same server?

A: NO, Apache can only be installed once per server, but Apache is capable of hosting many web sites per server.

Q: What Versions of Apache does CenturyLink Cloud support?

A: CenturyLink Cloud Supports HTTPD-2.4 with PHP 5.6, HTTPD-2.4 with PHP 5.5, HTTPD-2.4 with PHP 5.4, HTTPD-2.2 with PHP 5.3_Prefork, HTTPD-2.2 with PHP 5.3_Worker.

Q: What operating systems are supported for Managed Apache?

A: Managed Red Hat.

Q: Can *un-managed* Apache Web Services be converted to *Managed* (or vice versa)?

A: This capability is not available at this time.

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