How to Provision a Solana Validator/RPC Edge Bare Metal Server

Updated by Brandy Smith on Nov 04, 2021
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This article outlines the step-by-step process to provision a bare metal server within the Lumen Edge Services portal specific to the contracted server configuration approved for Solana Validators/RPC.


The Solana Validator/RPC needs to add credentials for the instance type (Linux or Windows) in their profile.
At deployment the applicable credentials for the provisioning user are added to the server by default.

If you have yet to add credentials for the instance type (Linux or Windows) to your profile, please do that step now by following the steps below.

Important: Failure to add credentials for the instance type in the User Profile will cause you to be locked out of accessing the server.

In the event that you accidentally provision a server prior to adding your credentials, please delete the server, set your credentials, and deploy a new server.

Password Requirements per Operating System
Below are the Password requirements per Operating System as defined by the OS vendor.

  • There are no password limitation on the clean install of ubuntu and centos, however BAD PASSWORD message will show up while trying to set the password and whenever there is a BAD PASSWORD prompt for the following conditions, user-data script is not able to set the credentials properly and user will not be able to login.

  • Password must be minimum 8 characters for all OSs, must include uppercase, lower case, a number and a special character.

  • Ubuntu 18 and 20- Capital letters and email addresses are not allowed as username

  • Centos 7.9 and 8.3- Email addresses are not allowed, dictionary words can’t be used as a password, the password cannot contain username in any form

CentOS Specific Password Requirements

-must be at least eight characters long
-may contain numbers, letters (upper and lower case) and symbols
-is case-sensitive and should contain a mix of cases
-should not be a word, abbreviation, or number associated with you, your organization, or found in a dictionary (including foreign languages)

For more information on CentOS password requirements, please view the CentOS Password Guide.

Linux/Ubuntu Specific Password Requirements

By default, Ubuntu requires a minimum password length of 6 characters, as well as some basic entropy checks. These values are controlled in the file /etc/pam.d/common-password, which is outlined below.

For more information on Linux/Ubuntu password requirements, please view the Linux/Ubuntu Password Guide.

Steps to add Linux and Windows Settings under the User Profile

  1. Log into the Edge Services portal.
  2. In the top right corner of the Edge Services Portal, click on your Name.
  3. Click User Settings.
  4. Enter your Linux and Windows username(s) and password(s).
    Note: Ubuntu is the approved OS for Solana Validators/RPC, it is a required step that you enter your Linux credentials under User Settings.
  5. Press Save.

Steps to Provision a Solana Validator/RPC Edge Bare Metal Server

Log into your Lumen Edge account within the Lumen Edge Services portal.
To start the Provision Server process, use the top navigation and choose Provisioning.

  1. Under the Provisioning tab, choose Instances.
    Provisioning > Instances menu
  2. Once under the Instances tab, Click the +ADD button; this will begin the process of Provisioning a Bare Metal server.
    Click the +Add button
  3. Create Instance Type: The approved Operating System for Solana Validator/RPC software is Ubuntu 20.04.
    Choose the Ubuntu operating system for this server and click the NEXT button.

Note: The ability for customers to bring their own OS/image is not yet available, but is a feature that Lumen is building on the platform for future release.
Some Operating Systems may have licensing fees associated with them; for ones that have a licensing fee, the cost will be displayed in the portal prior to purchase. Ubuntu 20.04 is an Open Source operating system and no fees will be applied to your account for using this operating system.
Instance Operating System Select
4. Instance Summary: in this section, you will see multiple fields.
Instance Summary
Below outlines the purpose of each field in the image above.

- Required field, pre-populated, no cost.
Currently, the only Group option available, "Lumen Administration", and is pre-populated for you.
As the platform evolves, customers will have more Group options to choose from.

- Required field, free text, no cost.
Customers can name the servers as they see fit.

- Required field, drop down, no cost.
Customers can choose which environment they want the server to be hosted.
The environment is just there to provide segmentation of server groups across environments.
The Environments section is where you create and manage your environment labels, which are available in the Environment dropdown during Instance or App provisioning.
An Instance’s environment label can be changed by editing the Instance.

- Required field, free text, no cost.
Customers can add labels to the servers as they see fit.
Labels just provide another way for customers to manage, report, or group servers.
  1. Configuration Options
    In this section, you will see multiple fields. Once you have made selections for all the required fields, please review each for accuracy, and press the NEXT button to proceed to the next steps.
    Please note, there are some prerequisites and actions users must take for some fields below. Please read this section carefully before moving on to Step 7.
    Configuration Options
    Below outlines the purpose of each field in the image above.


    • Required field, drop down, cost based on OS.
      The operating system approved for Solana Validator/RPC software is Ubuntu 20.04. Choose the 20.04 version under the version drop down field.


    • Required field, pre-populated, cost based on OS.
      This field is pre-populated with the Operating System you selected in Step 4.

    There is only one Bare Metal Server plan that is approved for Solana Validator/RPC software.
    It is the responsibility of the Solana Validator/RPC to select the approved server plan. If the wrong server plan is selected, the Validator/RPC is responsible for any incurred charges and will be billed accordingly.
    Solana Validators/RPC are approved to purchase up to two Validator/RPC servers at the special Solana contracted rate per the contract you signed.
    The two Validator/RPC servers will not have egress bandwidth charges applied.
    The list pricing in the portal applies to any services you procure above and beyond the two Validator/RPC servers that are outlined in the Solana Validator/RPC contract.
    The special pricing will be applied at the time of invoicing and the price in the portal is rounded to the nearest hourly unit using the formula below.


    • 720 hours in a month
    • 30.42 days in a month
    • 4.35 weeks in a month

    Validators/RPC can purchase other plans and services with the Edge Services portal. Please note that those services will all bill at list price. For estimated costing of list prices for Edge services outside of the Solana Validator/RPC contract, please visit the Edge Price Estimator.


    • Required field. Select the approved server configuration under the plan drop down field. The approved server configuration and plan for Solana validators/RPC is listed below.
      Cores: 32 RAM (GB): 256 Storage (GB): 2400
      Configuration Options


    • Required field, pre-populated, not editable.
      This field shows the storage volumes for the related Server Plan selected.


    • Required field, drop down.
      This field is where you will select which Lumen Edge data center you want to deploy the Solana Validator/RPC Bare Metal Server in.
      Currently, the below locations are the ONLY locations available for Solana Validators/RPC, please choose one of the locations listed below. New sites will be added in a phased approach, and this documentation will be updated with the new sites as they become available to Solana Validators/RPC.

    If you choose a location outside of the list below, the server will fail to provision.

    • Austin,TX
    • Cambridge,MA
    • Denver,CO
    • Detroit,MI
    • Jacksonville,FL
    • Herndon,VA
    • Kansas City,MO
    • Las Vegas,NV
    • Minnetonka,MIN
    • Nashville,TN
    • Phoenix,AZ
    • Pittsburgh,PA
    • Portland,OR
    • Salt Lake City,UT
    • Spokane,WA
    • St.Louis,MO
    • Tampa,FL
    • Tustin,CA
    • San Diego,CA

    Network Type

    • Required field, drop down.
      This field is where you select the Network type for connecting to your Edge Bare Metal server.
      Currently, there is only one Network type available, which is Public Internet. Additional Network types, including IPVPN, will be available in future releases.
      To learn more about the list costs associated with Network type selections, please visit this Knowledge Base article.
      Per the Solana Validator/RPC contract that you signed, Validators/RPC can provision up to two Solana Validator/RPC Bare Metal instances.


    • Required field, drop down.
      This field is where you select your Network Bandwidth.

    Egress is waived for Solana Validators/RPC at the 1 Gbps rate for up to 2 Solana Validator/RPC Bare Metal Servers
    The approved Bandwidth rate Selection for Solana Validator/RPC Software is 1 Gbps. It is the responsibility of the Solana Validator/RPC to select the approved Bandwidth selection of 1 Gbps. If you select any other Bandwidth rate other than 1 Gbps, you could incur egress charges based on your true usage.

    Note for list pricing for egress
    Public Internet egress is charged based upon total number of bytes transferred over the course of the month.
    Bandwidth selection identifies the requested rate limit for the internet port and is selected during the provisioning of the Bare Metal server instance.

    Note: Higher rate limits can pass more traffic, which could result in additional Internet charges.
    Customers should choose the Bandwidth selection that best fits their business needs to avoid unintended Internet charge spikes.
    Network charges are outlined in this Knowledge Base article.

    User Config

    • Required field, pre-populated, no cost, no action required.

    Advanced Options

    • Non-Required fields, free text, no costs.
      These fields are discretionary for the customer to use as they see fit.
  2. Automation
    Currently, this section is not functional, please press the NEXT button to proceed.

  3. Review
    Configuration Final Review Screen

This is the final screen for customers to review all of the sections from the previous steps. Once you press the COMPLETE button, the server will begin provisioning.

Once the server is successfully created, billing for that server configuration starts, so it is important that you review and ensure that your selections are accurate and meet the Solana Validator/RPC requirements prior to clicking the COMPLETE button.

Any billable components will show on the review screen.

If you need to make a change to selections, you can use the PREVIOUS button to go back to make any changes.

Once you have reviewed for accuracy, please press the COMPLETE button to proceed.

Once you press the COMPLETE button, your Bare Metal server will begin to provision.

You will see a live tracker that shows you the progression of your server build with an estimated time of completion.

On average, server configurations take up to 30 minutes to build.

After the server is built, billing starts. You can manage your Edge Bare Metal Server by going to your Dashboard section and finding the server under the MY INSTANCES section of the dashboard.

To learn more about how to manage your Bare Metal servers, please visit this Knowledge Base article.