Lumen Hosting Services Supplemental Terms

Updated: July 15, 2022

The following Supplemental Terms apply only to the Hosting Services to which these terms relate (“Services”). In the event of a conflict between the terms of these Supplemental Terms and the terms of the Hybrid Technologies Service Exhibit (formerly known as the CenturyLink TS Service Exhibit), the terms and conditions of these Supplemental Terms apply, but only to the extent of such conflict. Capitalized terms used in these Supplemental Terms but not defined here will have the meanings set forth in the Agreement.

Out of Scope

The following are out of scope for this engagement:

  • Installing and configuring custom or third-party applications and operating systems on deployed virtual machines.
  • Operating system administration including the operating system itself or any features or components contained within it.
  • Management of change to virtual machines, operating systems, custom or third-party applications, databases, and administration of general network changes within Customer’s control.
  • Remediation work associated with any problems resulting from the content, completeness, accuracy, and consistency of any data, materials, or information supplied by Customer.
  • Installation or configuration of VMware products not included in the scope of this document.
  • Installation and configuration of third-party software or other technical services that are not applicable to VMware components.
  • Installation and configuration of Customer-signed certificates.
  • Customer solution training other than the defined workshop session.
  • The tasks/activities not set out under the project scope shall be out of scope.
Provisioning of Workloads to Target Lumen Private Cloud on VCF Platform
  • Any application level changes / reconfiguration is out of scope.
  • Application vendor support for the workload provisioning
  • Active Directory (AD), Exchange and other Microsoft services related support
  • Application profiling and optimization
  • Pre and Post Workload Provisioning application testing
  • Post Workload Provisioning vCD configuration updates
  • Application vendor support Workload Provisioning.
  • Application support is out of scope
  • Provisioning of clustered virtual machines
  • Backup of virtual machines
  • SQL / DB Cluster / AD / Exchange server provisioning is out of scope
  • Any services, tasks or activities other than those specifically noted in this document
  • Physical mode RDMs and VMs with SCSI bus sharing are out of scope.