Loading Balancing Use Cases

Cloud Load Balancers and Load Balancing-as-a-Service

Improved Fault Tolerance with Load Balancers

As we continue to move more towards a service economy, driving an increase in consumer expectation of immediate gratification, businesses can’t afford to be offline. A bad customer experience can damage a brand’s reputation permanently. Slow websites, unresponsive online stores, or stalled applications can all sour the customer experience irrevocably.

Lumen load balancing helps keep applications online and traffic flowing, even if some resources aren’t available.

Cloud load balancers allow an application to be sourced from multiple different hosts, and through the use of health checks, a load balancer can determine the health of the hosts in the load balancing pool in order to make the best decision about where to send traffic. Lumen load balancing uses health checks to determine if a backend server is fit to process requests. This avoids having to manually remove a server from the backend if it becomes unavailable. Through this type of continuous monitoring within the load balancer, the service will dynamically re-route incoming traffic to the resources that are online.

As a result of this constant host availability and health checking, Lumen load balancing significantly reduces the likelihood of a poor user experience or extended downtime.

User Convenience and Better Performance with Load Balancing

User Convenience and Better Performance with Load Balancing

Customers expect the same great experience whenever and wherever they are. They don’t care if you’re having high traffic or an unusual spike in demand for your application resources. All that matters to your users is that they get the information they need, or the product they want to purchase, or the processing power they expect from your application. They want it when they want it.

It’s a reasonable assumption that your web applications will need to scale up over time. With load balancing in your cloud environment, you can easily scale up to support more users, while providing a single URL backed by multiple servers. Through the use of specific load balancing algorithms and connection persistence capabilities, Lumen load balancing helps to ensure that a user, once connected, continues to be connected to the same application instance to ensure access to whatever state is stored in that instance.

Through our intuitive Control Portal, you can also easily and seamlessly add another host or application to the load balancing pool without interrupting the customer experience.

Load Balancers Deliver Cost Savings

Load Balancers Deliver Cost Savings

Why pay for heavy infrastructure needs or software support before it’s necessary? Lumen load balancing allows you to scale your infrastructure only when you need to, not in anticipation of seasonal demands or volatile sales cycles.

IT departments don’t always know the demands of their computational workloads, and it’s common now to constantly change system architecture and design to further optimize. Gone are the days of needing to guess at resource utilization requirements well in advance of actually needing those resources. With a Lumen load balancer on your network, the load balancer infrastructure can scale in seconds when needed to ensure application performance stays where you want it.

You can save money without the need to pre-provision hardware and software to the maximum levels of required performance. This is one of the fundamental benefits and advantages of the Cloud.

Improved Speed to Market with Load Balancing

Improved Speed to Market with Load Balancing

With the current pace of business, speed to market can dictate success or failure. The speed to deliver your application to your end user is critical. You need to build, deploy, and iterate in a matter of days or weeks, rather than months or years.

Don’t spend time waiting on infrastructure again.

Lumen Cloud will give you the operational advantage of a unified platform to operate your infrastructure at faster speeds. With a load balancer on Lumen Cloud, you can create a load balancing infrastructure that can scale to meet the needs of your application when you need it most. Lumen load balancing provides the ability to provision and manage physical machines fast via API.

With Lumen Cloud load balancing, you can be up and running in a few seconds, and pay as you go, for only as long as you need the service.

Load Balancing Delivered as a Service

Load Balancing Delivered as a Service

As resource constraints get tighter, finding and funding good developer talent becomes a greater challenge to delivering a high quality SaaS, ecommerce platform or other business-enabling technology. And businesses can’t afford to use developers’ time to figure out how to build a network infrastructure.

You no longer have to be a network engineer to get the required network performance to serve your application. Within Lumen Cloud, we deliver load balancing as a service so that you can focus on the application development needed to service your customer.

We take care of the monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, and patches to ensure that your cloud load balancing service is as secure and highly-performing as possible. All you have to do is tell us what servers to balance and where to listen and we’ll take care of the rest. With Lumen load balancing, you don’t have to worry about getting your infrastructure installed or connected. You don’t have to make sure that your infrastructure is patched or upgraded to defend against new security vulnerabilities. Should issues arise with the load balancing infrastructure, you don’t have to make sure that it’s identified and resolved immediately. By eliminating the need to have so much of your team’s time allocated to technology infrastructure management and maintenance, you are able to focus attention and talent on revenue generating opportunities.

As the delivery of high quality applications and service to your customers gets more complex, we simplify your IT management experience by delivering load balancing as a service. We do the dirty work so that your customers always have a clean experience with your service.

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