Managed Services Anywhere Customer Success Story: Global Beverage Company


Journey to the Cloud Begins with Managed Services Anywhere

The Challenge: Satisfy Multiple Goals with a Single Cloud Platform

The company’s infrastructure footprint spanned multiple geographic locations and comprised development, production and disaster recovery environments, incorporated scripted installations of .NET and LAMP architecture, and provided site backup capabilities.

Multiple teams whose respective business units were affected by traffic spikes required easy access to data, including:

  • Information Technology, which wanted to ensure that load balancers forwarded a consistent number of requests to each of the backend web servers.
  • Marketing, which wanted to be notified of abrupt changes in traffic to their various sites to better understand the effectiveness of their SEO and Marketing strategies.

Solution: One Platform for Computing, Management and Security

Lumen worked with the company to design a scalable architecture on an AWS environment where Lumen Managed Services could facilitate its computing needs and security requirements while providing event, incident, and change management.

Lumen Managed Services provided AWS Platform Services, Operating Systems, Optimization and Analytics of the AWS environment, and Security Services to the environment. Built into the design and accompanying support were AWS Workspaces, AWS EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon S3, and Amazon VPC.

The AWS environment also leverages Managed Services Anywhere/Cloud Application Manager monitoring, a mix of best-of-breed technologies and integrated open source software that collects and stores metrics from applications, services and infrastructure. While these metrics are useful for event triage and historical trending, they may also be used for statistical analysis.

Traditional monitoring utilizes a threshold, so the systems produce monitoring events due to increased activity. Through a proprietary service that collects and track metrics, monitors log files and sets alarms, monitoring through Managed Services Anywhere weeds out a greater number of false positives than standard systems. Using triple exponential smoothing (the Holt-Winters method), it compares actual observed values against forecasted expected values to identify anomalous events. Multiple parameters are also available to fine tune the sensitivity of the anomaly detection algorithm.

By combining log data from the risk profiles of each customer asset with near real-time threat intelligence data from our global corporate network and partner threat intelligence feeds, Managed Services Anywhere gives you the power to set more meaningful thresholds. Tickets and monitoring events are created, but backups and other scheduled activities for the environment that run on a predetermined schedule are ignored since they indicate normal operations.

Results: Faster Response to Positive, Negative Events

Detecting anomalies on Apache requests per second across all backend web servers allows the technical IT team to respond quickly to misconfigurations or other events that can lead to abrupt changes to the request rate.

Notifications of monitoring system events that reflect abrupt change in requests per second also help the marketing department better gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns or react swiftly to adverse social media reactions.

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Global Beverage Industry


  • Managed Services Anywhere
    • Operating Systems
    • Optimization and Analytics of the AWS environment
    • Security Services
  • Lumen Cloud Application Manager
  • AWS Platform Services
  • AWS Workspaces
  • AWS EC2
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon Elastic Load Balancing
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon VPC

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