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Data Protection for Servers Anywhere

Data loss can financially cripple businesses and and bring productivity to a halt. Legal documents, application configurations, financial records, customer marketing data, medical records and other sensitive data containing personally identifiable information (PII) are a few examples of data that should be protected. Whether you’re in an enterprise IT department or a solo IT developer or consultant, you need to plan out a comprehensive backup, retention and restore strategy to ensure you’re never caught holding the bag in case of a data loss event.

Human error, hardware failure, file corruption, viruses and malware, power failure, and even natural disasters pose a threat towards data loss. Many of these events can’t be controlled and are impossible to predict, but the risk can be mitigated. Simple Backup Service allows you to select the specific data that you need to protect — from any internet-connected server — with inclusion and exclusion rules. Once a backup is completed with Simple Backup Service, a self-service restore point is created to allow data retrieval whenever needed. It’s an intelligent, cost-effective solution to a universally-shared problem.

Simple Backup helps meet data retention requirements

Short Term and Long Term Data Retention

Depending on the type of data in question, retention requirements may be predefined and non-negotiable. Corporate policies, industry regulations, customer experience commitments and legal obligations are often driving forces behind backup retention requirements. You can use backups to maintain your data archives or free up valuable disk space, or there may even be personal or proprietary data that needs to be retained indefinitely.

Consequences for not maintaining proper data records can be significant. They can include lawsuits and legal fees, substantial regulatory or out-of-compliance fines, loss of revenue, audit failures, and unexpected tax payments. And don’t forget the hidden costs of all of this – taking you away from focusing on productivity and innovation and all the other activities related to being successful in business. With a basic backup strategy in place, you can avoid these headaches. Simple Backup Service allows for the configuration of a backup frequency as little as one hour and a retention period as long as 50 years to suite your data needs. And you can backup your data and files from anywhere — Lumen Cloud platform, Dedicated Cloud Compute, or Managed Servers; your own premises, other cloud platforms, even colocated servers in any data center around the world.

Get data sovereignty with Simple Backup Services

Data Location

Data residency/sovereignty laws vary by country and impose restrictions on moving certain data outside the country of origin. Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Singapore, and the UK (to name just a few) have stringent laws related to data sovereignty. Consequences for breaking these laws may include stiff fines, loss of reputation and business, future audits, additional efforts and scrutiny to become compliant, and even legal prosecution. Simple Backup Service is available regionally and allows you to select your storage location so that you can ensure you’re following all applicable data residency laws.

Geo-redundancy is another great reason to select your storage region with Simple Backup Service. Data centers may be extremely redundant with numerous fail-safes, but they can still experience partial or even complete outages, with natural disasters posing the greatest threat. Simple Backup Service helps mitigate this risk by allowing you to add the same server to multiple storage regions within the same backup policy.

Backups consume precious system resources, but keeping operating systems unencumbered for performance optimization is an important consideration. Selecting the storage region closest to the original source data will provide the quickest backups—and restores—possible. In addition, the lightweight Simple Backup Service Agent will automatically optimize system performance by relinquishing resources if required by other processes.

Cloud Backup offers Scalability


Companies need to focus on their core business competencies and innovation, and minimize time spent doing less productive things — like spending time and resources configuring backups. Manual configuration of backups through the user interface may be costly, particularly if there are numerous resources requiring backup. Simple Backup Service allows automation of your backup creation and management through advanced scripting against the Backup API. And it can be used to backup data anywhere connected to the internet.

Professional Data Recovery services can cost thousands of dollars for a single hard drive, requires extensive time, and can’t guarantee the recovery of data. Agencies providing this service can charge as much as a dollar per GB with additional costs for encrypted data. There are even some causes of failure that can completely prohibit data recovery. Simple Backup Service is a low cost and competitively priced insurance policy against the inevitable. Pay a fraction of the cost to reliably recover your data in a fraction of the time while only paying to protect the data that's important to you and your business.

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