Cloud Application Manager

A platform to manage enterprise workloads across any cloud or infrastructure.

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Cloud Strategy Expedited

Cloud Application Manager facilitates customer IT transformation by orchestrating the delivery of infrastructure, applications and services across multiple clouds. Manage any infrastructure from a single interface by utilizing the platform's inherent features, including Application Lifecycle Management, as well as Managed Services Anywhere and deployment of CenturyLink DCC, DCCF, Azure, or AWS cloud instances.

But it's not just about the platform. To effectively implement a hybrid IT or multi-cloud strategy, many customers recognize the need for expert guidance. CenturyLink's skilled technical teams are available to support customer success across a seamless continuum. Customers can remain entirely self-service, or elect to engage us for simple or complex consultative implementations.

Application Lifecycle Management

Manage applications from start to finish, schedule deployments, scale, update, terminate workloads, and facilitate your organization's hybrid cloud journey. Utilize continuous auto-discovery of available resources seamlessly and in any infrastructure on a single platform.

Managed Services Anywhere

Use Cloud Application Manager to leverage the certified experts at CenturyLink for monitoring, operating system patches and updates on any hybrid instance. Having CenturyLink manage mission-critical workloads and infrastructure enables customers to focus on their core business.


Cloud optimization reduces overhead cost via automation and simplification through single bill consolidation. Enables procurement and management of Azure cloud and AWS cloud instances alongside CenturyLink Cloud services like DCC and DCCF, all from a single platform.

Cloud Application Manager allows for standardized deployment.

Standardize Deployment

Enable rapid innovation and reduce errors with a consistent configuration and application lifecycle management platform. Applications are modeled and shared for multi-deployment scenarios with auto-reconfiguration, upgrades and canary deployments.

Managed Services Anywhere

Get Managed Services Anywhere

Leverage CenturyLink's certified experts to take the heavy lifting — securing networks, managing infrastructure, and streamlining application tasks in any environment – regardless where is physically located – to decrease bottlenecks to production. Gain the same benefits whether your infrastructure is on-prem, on externally hosted on physical servers, or on any cloud platform.

Cloud Application Manager lets you manage applications in any cloud.

Integrate AWS and Azure Easily

Create or access existing AWS and Azure accounts within the Cloud Application Management platform and make orchestration of your multi-cloud environment easier — no more jumping between cloud platforms to spin up a simple server. Having multiple clouds integrated into one platform can save you time, which translates into a faster and more efficient multi-cloud experience.

Cloud Application Manager lets you manage applications in any cloud.

Deploy and Manage Any Cloud

Deploy in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments on CenturyLink DCC, DCCF, Azure, AWS and others. Use cloud-specific services and have a consistent managed service experience across any infrastructure or application stack.

Cloud Application Manager Customer Success Stories

Scale Applications On-Demand

Powering the world's media and entertainment services through cloud applications that scale based on business logic, usage trends and costs.

“ORGANIC way to collaborate… SELF-SERVICE PRODUCTION environments...” — Gaming Company

Optimize Business Performance

Managing mission-critical workloads and infrastructure with expert guidance allows companies to focus on their core business.

“LEVERAGE private cloud with public clouds ... SEAMLESS transition for CUSTOMERS...” — Pramata

Update Applications with No Downtime

Helping bio-technology and financial sectors innovate faster via rolling updates, in-place upgrades and roll-backs to drive new discoveries.

“EASILY integrates, SAVES time and MANAGES complex environments…” — Cytobank

Cloud Application Manager customer Pramata video and testimonial
Pramata Video Interview

Pramata shares how Cloud Application Manager is used to manage mission-critical workloads and infrastructure.

Pramata Case Study

Pramata focuses on helping clients identify ways they can maximize revenue, increase profitability and reduce risk in their business relationships. CenturyLink delivered a combination of intuitive tools through Cloud Application Manager, as well as hands-on expert services that helped the company set up environments to manage workloads and cloud infrastructures through an automated platform.

Cytobank Case Study

Cytobank saves 2X on infrastructure costs and increases efficiency by 35% by relying on Cloud Application Manager.

Financial Services Company

Financial Services company drives efficiency with the Cloud Application Manager centralized deployment orchestration.

Gaming Company

Gaming company speeds provisioning 30x faster and gives users freedom with operational control.

Digital Media Firm

Digital Media company slashes application deployment overhead and readies for hyper-growth.

Application Lifecycle Management - Cloud Edition

Application modeling and standardization via template boxes.
Per instance deployed.

$0.05 / hour
Cloud Application Manager Platform Stack - Data Center Edition

Unlimited users, unlimited instances.

$12,000 / month
Managed Services Anywhere

Managed instances: monitoring, patching and remote administration.
Per instance managed.

$0.13 / hour
Cloud Optimization & Analytics - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS controls pricing.

Cloud Optimization & Analytics - Microsoft Azure

Azure controls pricing.

Cloud Application Manager Onboarding - Standard

Assisted implementation and training, including extensive review of Cloud Optimization module.

$3,000 / one time
Cloud Application Manager Onboarding - Advanced

Assisted implementation and training, including hands-on work sessions for all three modules: Cloud Optimization, Application Lifecycle Management, and Managed Services Anywhere.

$9,000 / one time
Platform Support

Automatically calculated as a percentage of monthly spend.

$100,000 or less per month 12% / month
$100,000–$200,000 per month 9% / month
$200,000–$500,000 per month 6% / month
$500,000 or more per month 3% / month

Support for Cloud Application Manager

Enterprise support for Cloud Application Manager may be obtained at a premium. Price is based on monthly Cloud Application Manager spend. Self-service support is provided via our Knowledge Base.

Email us at for technical support for a response within 6 hours.

Or call us at

  • United States: 1-888-638-6771
  • Canada: 1-866-296-5335
  • EMEA: 00800 72884743
  • Asia Pacific: +65 6768 8099

Links are also provided within the Cloud Application Manager portal to open a ticket with a response time of less than 6 hours.

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