Technical Account Manager

Your TAM is a specialist dedicated to helping you get maximum business value from your Hybrid IT Solutions.

Technical Account Managers are hands-on, certified Cloud experts with experience across all aspects of Hybrid IT. Your designated TAM will support you across every platform — AWS, Azure, Lumen Cloud or any other service provider. TAM activities will differ, depending on the service you subscribe to, whether it's Managed Services Anywhere, Advanced Managed Services, Cloud Application Manager, or premium support for Lumen Cloud or Lumen Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation.

Meet Your Technical Account Manager

Every Lumen Technical Account Manager is a seasoned IT professional with multiple Cloud Management Certifications. As members of Lumen’s Solutions Consulting organization, they have broad expertise integrating solutions for maximum efficiency and performance.

For Managed Services Anywhere, Advanced Managed Services and Cloud Application Manager customers, your TAM is a designated named individual who will work closely with your team to align your cloud estate to your needs. Even in the case of those workloads that don't require full management – such as dev and test environments – your TAM remains your contact for Platform Advisory Support.

Your Technical Account Manager is a certified cloud professional and a hands-on IT Expert
  • Business Strategy
  • Executive Reviews
  • Build-out, Deployment and Operation of Workloads and Applications
  • Change and Project Management
  • Incident Response
  • Infrastructure and Future Planning
  • Monitoring, Analysis and Proactive Reporting
  • Billing Inquiries and Reporting
  • Ongoing Customer Data Integrity Validation
  • Hands-on activities, many partially automated by Cloud Application Manager

Technical Account Manager Activities

Cloud Application Manager
Platform Advisory Support

  • Getting-Started Activities
  • Provide support escalation, best practice and recommendations for additional hands-on services
  • Advisory-only support guidance
  • Share and explain optimization reporting
  • TAM is named but not dedicated or guaranteed (pooled model)
  • Does not support any monitoring, alerts, remediation and creation/changes of policies

Managed Services Anywhere

  • Includes everything under Platform Advisory Support
  • Coordinate service desk and support engineering for hands-on action
  • Identify cost/performance optimization and execute recommendations
  • Coordinate monitoring policy creation and updates with service desk
  • Coordinate modifying and deploying Script, Application and cloud native template Boxes (already in catalog) with service desk
  • Coordinate configuring user access and permissions with service desk
  • Contribute to root cause analysis, problem resolution and remediation
  • Respond and provide updates to service requests
  • Facilitate patch/backup schedule and communicate upcoming changes

Advanced Managed Services (AMS)

  • Available at a fixed hourly rate per month
  • Includes everything under Platform Advisory Support and Managed Services Anywhere
  • Advanced hands-on technical activities
  • Alignment, Design and Governance of managed environments and technologies
  • Program oversite of best execution venues, estate expansions, upgrades and migrations
  • Proactive tuning of monitors and alert thresholds and creation of custom monitor check types.
  • Root cause analysis and resolution of complex multi-factor recurring incidents that may cross multiple workloads.

“At a recent Technology Summit Meeting, the entire audience gave our Lumen Technical Account Team a standing ovation. Their expertise, professionalism and deep commitment to our digital transformation initiatives have been invaluable.”

— Global Beverage Company IT Manager

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