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Easily Orchestrate Multi-Cloud Applications

ElasticBox is a powerful, scalable platform for deploying applications into production across any cloud infrastructure – private, public or hosted. It provides interactive visualization to automate application provisioning, including configuration, deployment, scaling, updating and migration of applications in real-time. Offering two approaches to cloud orchestration — ElasticBox and ElasticKube — enterprise IT and developers alike can benefit from multi-cloud flexibility.


ElasticBox manages both traditional and cloud-native applications provisioned on bare metal and VMs deployed on any cloud or physical infrastructure.


ElasticKube manages containers on top of Kubernetes across any cloud by delivering template catalogs, user and admin portals and more.

Use ElasticBox and ElasticKube to manage cloud applications

ElasticBox lets you manage applications in any cloud.

Pick a Cloud, Any Cloud

Deploy in public, private, and hybrid environments on CenturyLink, AWS, RackSpace, HP Cloud, Google Compute, OpenStack, VMware and others. Use cloud-specific services such as storage, databases, load balancers, and auto-scaling.

ElasticBox drives collaboration of cloud development teams.

Collaborate and Innovate

Drive innovation by sharing your application or infrastructure components with individual team members or entire teams in workspaces. Break down friction between teams and platforms with real-time collaboration and bring a whole new approach to delivering cloud applications.

ElasticBox cloud app management platform improves scalability.

Scale Applications to Meet Business Demands

Leverage the flexibility of the cloud by relying on ElasticBox to easily shift from Development to Testing to Production environments, scaling up or down to meet the constantly changing demands of business.

With ElasticBox, reuse components across cloud applications.

Use Technologies You Trust

Maximize the value of your existing investments in scripting (bash, powershell), configuration management (chef, puppet) or container (docker) technologies using ElasticBox and ElasticKube. Encapsulate the tools you trust, to reuse components across applications, environments and teams.

ElasticBox Features

Self-Service Application Catalog
  • Intuitive portal for users to self-serve reusable infrastructure, applications and charts.
  • Components can be deployed based on pre-set IT policies.
  • Customers define applications with infrastructure that's provisioned at the time of deployment.
  • Wide range of automation protocols enables flexibility across heterogeneous environments.
  • Federated access control, user management and permission definition of infrastructure provides visibility and auditing capabilities.
Admin & Reporting
  • Admin rules promote IT governance when delivering services and managing users, namespace, templates and resources.
  • Real-time dashboard for viewing containers, applications, resources, user activity and clusters in use.

ElasticBox Customer Success Stories

Manage Applications at Scale

Enabling enterprise IT and application teams to collectively orchestrate infrastructure and applications for mission-critical services.


Scale Applications On-Demand

Powering the world's media and entertainment services through cloud applications that scale based on business logic, usage trends and costs.

“ORGANIC way to collaborate… SELF-SERVICE PRODUCTION environments...” — DeNA

Update Applications with No Downtime

Helping bio-technology and financial sectors innovate faster via rolling updates, in-place upgrades and roll-backs to drive new discoveries.

“EASILY integrates, SAVE time and MANAGE complex environments…” — Cytobank

ElasticBox customer DeNA video and testimonial
DeNA Gaming Video Interview

Watch this 2-minute interview with Aaron Chu, Director of Technical Operations at DeNA, where he shares how they've used ElasticBox to manage their cloud infrastructure for deploying applictions.

DeNA Case Study

See why a gaming ecommerce company's IT Operations team chose ElasticBox for 30% faster self-service provisioning of custom environment stacks that game developers run on their desktops as well as in staging or production.

Cytobank Case Study

Learn how ElasticBox saves this biotech firm $10K per month on hosting to serve highly isolated sites which are dynamically scaled to live usage metrics for research labs, scientists, and engineering teams around the globe.

Leonteq Case Study

This financial services firm used ElasticBox to standardize infrastructure provisioning and enable a self-service experience to deliver modern application services to internal business units and to customers.

Rightster Case Study

Explore how ElasticBox enabled this video entertainment company increase deployment frequency by 7X and cut production errors in half while scaling processes between development and IT to optimize service delivery.

Use Cases

ElasticBox facilitates rolling updates and upgrades of applications
Rolling Updates, Upgrades and Rollbacks

Customers can push updates to components or entire applications that are running in production without experiencing downtime. Versioning control enables IT and application owners to choose all instances or portions of the same applications. When unforeseen issues arise, rollbacks can easily use the saved application profiles.

ElasticBox makes self-service cloud applications easy to share
Self-Service Configurations

With ElasticBox, customers can build their own set of applications and service offerings to be made available to various users. These catalog items or components have predefined configurations that can be shared and reused across any cloud.

ElasticKube enables you to manage containers on top of Kubernetes
Container Management

While ElasticBox focuses on application via virtual machine architectures, ElasticKube addresses the management of containers exclusively on top of Kubernetes. Customers looking to implement an enterprise solution for containers running in production can take advantage of ElasticKube for features like authentication, authorization, container health and performance, and connectivity to your template catalog from your repository of choice.

ElasticBox automates scaling and migration of cloud applications.
Automate Scaling and Migration

A wide range of automation protocols can be used with ElasticBox to orchestrate application scaling based on consumption, proactive changes, cost benefits and other business criteria. Customers can choose to automatically scale an entire application or various tiers or components. Cloning capabilities simplifies the mobility of an application or service to secondary cloud environments.

Transform legacy applications to any cloud with ElasticBox
Application Transformation

ElasticBox and ElasticKube collectively give you the choice of making you applications ready for cloud deployments, by allowing you to model both your legacy and modern cloud applications in a standardized platform that can take advantage of multi-cloud services. This includes both on-premises within your own datacenter, on CenturyLink cloud or other third party platforms such as AWS or Azure. Combining this technology with CenturyLink Managed Services is essential to application transformation for the cloud.

“...good job of deployment process and infrastructue management with self-service…” — 451 Research

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