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Register an Existing AWS Linux Instance

Updated by Thomas Broadwell on Mar 30, 2017
Article Code: kb/280


This tutorial will show you how to import an existing Linux instance that was auto-discovered in your AWS provider using Cloud Application Manager.

Find an AWS Linux Instance

Within the Cloud Application Manager workspace, navigate to your AWS provider and run the sync function by clicking Sync.

Run Sync

The sync process will discover unregistered AWS instances and list them under the Unregistered Instances tab.

Locate Unregistered Instances

Register the Instance

Under the Unregistered Instances tab, click the instance you want to import and register.

Provide any details for the instance in the fields provided.

Register Instance

Click Register to register the instance.

Cloud Application Manager returns an error message because the agent installation script that allows CenturyLink to register the instance is not yet executed on this instance.

Install the Agent Installation Script

Copy the agent installation script provided in the Activity tab in the log details.

Copy agent installation script

Log-in to the instance residing in your AWS provider.

Execute the agent installation script.

Execute agent installation script

Once the script is executed, the instance will be available in Cloud Application Manager.

You can now use lifecycle application management features on this instance in Cloud Application Manager.