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Updated by Gavin Lai on Jan 27, 2022
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The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of Lumen Cloud Connect and Oracle FastConnect with references for further details.


Users plan to order Lumen Cloud Connect to connect to their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).



What is Oracle Fast Connect

Oracle Fast Connect is a network connectivity alternative to using the public internet for connecting your network with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and other Oracle Cloud services. FastConnect provides an easy, elastic, and economical way to create a dedicated and private connection with higher bandwidth options, and a more reliable and consistent networking experience when compared to internet-based connections.
Use Oracle FastConnect to extend your existing private networks to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, via provider networks.


Please see the Oracle FastConnect overview for latest updates. There are different connection options to connect to OCI, detail guide is located here. Below are the high level description:

  • FastConnect: With an Oracle Provider
  • FastConnect: Colocation with Oracle
  • FastConnect: With a Third-Party Provider

There are two peering options in OCI, FastConnect Private and Public Peering, see below:

Lumen Cloud Connect for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect

There are different connectivity options to connect to OCI, the current options are listed below:

Cloud Provider Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Connection Type FastConnect_Overview
Wavelength (Layer 1) :heavy_check_mark:
Ethernet (Layer 2) :heavy_check_mark:
MPLS/IP VPN (Layer 3) :heavy_check_mark:
Dynamic Connections :heavy_check_mark:

For On-Ramps locations, please refer to the maps.

To learn more on how Lumen Cloud Connect can connect your company to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, please visit the Product page or consult with your account team.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FasConnect resources

Reference Location
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Oracle OCI support contacts OCI NOC Direct: 512-712-7403,
OCI FastConnect Support: