Requesting a public DNS PTR record

Updated by Jon McClary on Nov 12, 2014
Article Code: kb/932


Lumen Cloud supports the creation of Public PTR records.




Need to know the Public IP and DNS name of intended target

Detailed Steps:

  Open a support ticket via the portal or by sending email to
  In the body, please include the following:
  - Please include your PIN
  - Specify that the request is for the creation of a PTR record.
  - Company account information (account name or account alias)
  - Server Name in Control
  - Public IP address for the PTR record
  - DNS name of the server for the PTR record
  - Datacenter which the target resides in (i.e. WA1 or UC1 or )

 A ticket will be generated to track the request, and so that you will be apprised of updates as we process the request.