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QuickStart Onboarding Packages for
Cloud Application Manager

The following QuickStart Onboarding packages are available for Cloud Application Manager. These cost-effective offerings enable customers to accelerate their cloud adoption, maximize ROI, and ensure usage of the latest best practices for optimal performance and reliability.

Please contact our Cloud Sales Architecture team at cloudhelp@centurylink.com to order or learn more about the QuickStart Onboarding packages listed below.

Services Cloud Application Manager
QuickStart Standard
Cloud Application Manager
QuickStart Advanced
Designated Engineer Assigned to Onboard Customer X X
Detailed Cloud Application Manager Deep Dive Training X X
Review of Cloud Optimization Module
(consolidated billing, cost savings recommendations, best practices for security/availability/cost/usage)
Application Lifecycle Management Showcase
(boxes, instances, lifecycle editor)
Managed Services Anywhere Showcase
(managed operating system, monitoring/patching, change management for AWS, Azure, and Centurylink Cloud)
Assisted Configuration of Cloud Application Manager Customer Space
(add users, logging - appliance only, cloud provider setup, cloud provisioning — max of 5 deployment policies)
Best Practices Guidance, Tips/Tricks, and Long-Term Support Overview X X
Managed Services Anywhere Hands-On Work Sessions
(assisted provisioning of Managed Services Anywhere appliance, management of new instances, management and discovery of existing instances, guided deployment of up to 4 new or 2 existing Managed Services Anywhere Instances)
Azure or AWS Training Workshop of IaaS
(up to 5 hours Q&A / guidance / troubleshooting / assisted implementation — see Service Guide for more details)
AWS Security Best Practices Overview
(for AWS customers only)
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Hands-On Work Sessions
(rolling updates, configuration management, multiple cloud deployments, auto discovery of existing instances)
Assisted Configuration/Deployment of ALM — Application, Script, and Template Boxes Up to 15 boxes
Auto-Discovery of Existing Instances, Registration, and Multi-Cloud Deployment Guidance X
Versioning and Auto-Updating Box How-Tos X
Review & Guidance of Deployment Policy Configuration with ALM X
Assisted Configuration of Virtual Appliance
(deploying the virtual appliance in customer’s on-premises environment)
Service setup
Cloud Application Manager Onboarding - Standard

Assisted implementation and training, including extensive review of Cloud Optimization module.

Cloud Application Manager Onboarding - Advanced

Assisted implementation and training, including hands-on work sessions for all three modules: Cloud Optimization, Application Lifecycle Management, and Managed Services Anywhere.


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